Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

Just death.
Does it matter.

To what ever poor soul, that have the job to file the useless ranger reports.

Period some 3 weeks, up to 10th day of Forest dance.

So what have happened these last three weeks, that is so important.
We found those blade mercs we sought, they were captured by maelstrom mercs. All of which was capable fighters.
So I ended up seriously injured once again. Only alive because Jig and Bremner are quite capable fighters themselves.
Guess I understand them a little more, guess booze and acting cowardly, is the way they manage all the death they inflict.

We had one maelstrom alive, I spent time questioning him. He was not to much help, I paid him with the special coin. To tell us the boss had a special note. Which had a code on it, which we did not understand.
A few days after, Ariel recovered the coin again, from the scene of the murdered merc in the city. Since apparently she seeks death, and if the assassins comes to her, then she don’t need to look for them.

Since we could not read the note, Brewhug, wants us to go back to Kator, so the captain can have a look at it. And as expected we get ambushed.
And as expected I am useless, just getting hit and hit and hurt. But again another ranger dies(Esph), because I am a useless piece of meat. That apparently is cursed with life, when all I deserve is death.

I really don’t get what we are doing, and why it is important. It seems the powers(are they evil I don’t even know that) have free reign as is, and we are in no way there to protect, handle or stop it.
I am sure the Captain and Brewhug, will be much better at this alone, than have us fumbling fools of braindead matter, shackling them down.

10th Forest Dance
The dying or dead Leon Kaupmann.

Am I sneakier than a Brinche? 26th Dancing Clouds
Or is it more fun to slay the unrighteous in the Brinche's eyes

After my time of recreational activities and the recovery from them I caught up with Jig and Bremner I found that we were tasked with trying to follow some glittery arrows that catch the sunlight just so, so after a good while we found an alley that had a dead person in it, and realized that it was a gang that haad killed him, while we were looking at the body one of the gang approached, and in short order Jig and Bremner took him out, I started to sneak looking for the arrows into the area the gang controlled, the gang noticed some of their number ending up dead and charged past me looking for the persons responsible for that, they didn’t return, I suspect Jig and Bremner tag teamed them to death. I finally found sings that lead us to a sewer entrance, ugh yeah it had to go there. Well in fairly short order, The others followed me into the sewers.
Where will this lead? when will we get clean again.. I can feel myself growing closer to nature as I travel though. the life and magigs seem to glow at times.. Wonder if that is how I have started to be able to heal thing deeper than I could through normal herbs and such.

25th day Dancing clouds event report by A. Shonin
Coins and Assasins.

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Event report from Serenity 25th day Dancing Clouds.

Finally arrived to Serenity, and well rested, without any incidents. We could finally begin to explore the city, and investigate the disappearance of the Blades of Valor.
After showing my compatriots one of the city’s many marketplaces, but relatively close to the tavern, The Watchful Lion where we have rented rooms.
I asked Jig and Bremner to look into the disappearance of the mercenaries. While I wanted to take the day to look into the weird gold coin, with the sun symbol.

I found a shop run by a Elijah McIntyre, Evaluator of Excellence. He had come across a handful of these coins, that apparently predate the Golden Sun Empire. Which if my history knowledge is to far of, is one of the oldest empires of Shaintar. The coins minted in the honor of Raz’dash, which Mr. McIntyre mentioned, was a early an ancient form of Archanon.
Which make these coins several thousands of years old.
So it seems these coins have been found somewhere, as the empire spread far and wide from the eternal desert. It is impossible to say where these coins have been found. But it’s not unlikely a treasure have been found in the desert. And those that found it, have used the coins, as ordinary currency.

McIntyre directed me to a mercenary company called Minotaura’s Mercantile Mercenaries. Which is both a mercenary company, but also runs a business. They apparently have a certain interest in the coins.
Finding them, I met there leader Minotaura, which is an actual minotaur. I have met many different races, in Serenity in my earlier life. But that was a first for me.
They didn’t have much in the form of direct information about the coins, other than I got the impression, they had at the very least a small collection of the coins.
But I was given a map, with a message on it, that would lead me to a place and hopefully someone who knows more. Quite possible a trap, so will have a talk with the group about it.

I was once again attacked by the Xao worshiping assassins, walking through the city. I seem to begin to be able to handle there poisons relatively well, I was able to outrun them, I think I surprised them once again, having my old bones running, rather than fighting them.

It seems Jig and Bremner had a bit of success too, but was a bit too rattled by the attack to collect my thoughts at that moment.
But as I am finishing my report in candlelight to the snorring purrs of Bremner, Jig’s small purple form, his hands making purple forms and lights as he dreams. Not sure where the other rangers are, but I am confident in there abilities to stay alive.
And as we gather one of these next days, I am sure we can streamline our abilities to truly get our mission done. And also found out what it is with these coins and there importance.

Signed 26th day Dancing Clouds.
Mr. A. Shonin.

Journey to Serenity

We were sent undercover to travel to Serenity and investigate the missing group of mercenaries from the Blades of Valor, that we haven’t heard from. Lt. Brewhug went as an ale merchant and everyone else was mercenary bodyguards. They had to wear uniforms and everything. I got to wear my brand new coat and stand out as the wizard of the group.

Our first night out of town, we were AMBUSHED BY ASSASSINS. We fought them off, but used a lot of resources. We decided to go ahead and break camp and travel on to Farwatch, though many of us, myself included, slept in the saddle.

Farwatch was interesting. Most of us slept together in the common room, but fancy Mr. Shonin wanted his own room. He wound up jumping out of a third floor window in his underwear claiming he had been attacked by the assassins and we didn’t hear anything because of a magical silence spell. Not sure if this was all real or if it was just a ploy for attention.

Again, the first night out of Farwatch we were attacked. Something showered us with a blast of scorpion stings. I wasn’t hurt, but there must have been some poison, because I suddenly felt fatigued. I ran into the dark to get out of the large cluster we had formed around the fire. My luck was not with me that night, as I basically ran right into the GIANT MAGICAL SCORPION that was attacking us!! I can barely remember exactly what happened. There was a flurry of sting attacks at me. I was so scared my skin turned a pale shade of my beloved purple. I suffered a nasty scar on my arm that I fear may reduce my overall charm, but luckily that can be covered.

Somehow I managed to survive and ran at full speed over to Brewhug’s wagon. I tried shooting the thing from a safe distance with a bolt, but it hardly did anything. The fighters all advanced on the thing, but weren’t having much success. Then Bremner, using the new crossbow he won in the tournament, shot the thing RIGHT THROUGHT THE FREAKING EYE!!!!! Remind me to be nicer to Bremner in the future.

We finally made it to Serenity and our disguises worked. Brewhug left us at an inn. We decided to wander the market and see if we could pick up any news. In the market we met a dwerg with some terrifying torture devices. I gave him a cover name of “Jarvis the Good”, then told them his wares were very nice and scurried away.

18th day to 24th day Dancing clouds, collected report. By A. Shonin
Report of events from the aftermath of the undead assault on Kator 18th day of Dancing clouds, to our arrival at Serenity 24th day of Dancing Clouds.

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Report of events from the aftermath of the undead assault on Kator 18th day of Dancing clouds, to our arrival at Serenity 24th day of Dancing Clouds.

Damage report of Kator.
The Roughs were somewhat trashed by the enemy, but the Pawn Shop was still in usual condition. Maybe worth investigation in the future.
The town gate destroyed, by the huge monster, a new one need to be made.
Some minor damage on houses, market stalls, the alchemist hut and the tavern.
Otherwise the city haven’t really sustained any damage.

Interrogation of assassin.
The guy was initially hard to interrogate, since he seems to only speak Aradish, and some language I could not identify, maybe a old form of Aradish.
But it helped after I purchased a language potion from Zalavius the town Alchemist.

Apparently they had no connection to the undead assault, they were apparently ordered to assault us, independent of the Necromancer of the undead assault. But used the spectacle as a distraction.

He had a mantra he tended to mumble quite often
“Red sands stained, Lord of Xaos and War
We stand before the storm,
preparing your arrival”

The assassin talked about there group, have simply been raised to obey, without reason or motive. Seems to be absolutely loyal to there cause. I could not get him to explain, what there deal was with us, only that they had been ordered to kill us. Not anyone in particular, just us as a group.
What the reason is of this attack, I can not really speculate on. If it is our location, rangers in general or us in particular.
It doesn’t seem they have anything to do with tempest either. So unsure to what to make of these assassins.

But they are apparently connected to some weird minted coins of gold. Sporting old iconography of the Desert Lands. And I would say made to look old. What the exact reason for that, I can not say, other than it might be a scam to sell a coin of a golds worth, to gullible collectors of the olden days, for a greater sum of money.
How our attempted murder and these coins are connected I do not have enough experience in such matters, to attempt to speculate on.

But will bring it with me to Serenity, to see if I can get some more intelligence on the coin there.
Otherwise your orders to investigate the missing group of mercenaries from the Blades of Valor, that we haven’t heard from, is still being followed.

We have arrived to Serenity this evening of 24th day, Lt. Brewhug acting as the Ale merchant Rockshine. Our travels was eventful, as we were shadowed by more of these assassins, and they attacked us a few times. Though we survived all the attacks. Including slaying a massive tangible shadow scorpion. Bremner being instrumental in these fights.
As the assassins had a tendency to single me out, including assaulting me in my room at a tavern in Farwatch. Also making sure I could not yell for help. I had to jump out the window from the 3rd floor, to survive the assault. I let Jig examine the golden coin for magic, and she detected magic on it.
So I speculate they can use it to track us. I will keep the coin on me, as I won’t want the other get hurt.

We have rented a room at The Watchful Lion, a place for less than savory deals. But a place where goods and important stuff, can be placed securely.

Tomorrow we will move out into the town, and see if we can fulfill our mission.

Signed 24th day of Dancing Clouds 3126
A. Shonin.

Kator overrun by undead

The night of Katyr’s funeral, we were awakened by the town bells. We were under attack!!

I threw on what armor I could. If only I had the new coat I won in the magic contest. But that was the most I could reasonably delay before facing whatever was attacking us. I crept out of the ranger outpost to find the captain fighting five masked men. I used my new spell to shrink down and my new skill in fighting big creatures (now they were big compared to me). I sent out my purple bolts of energy at three of them and I killed one. Then I dropped into turtle position under my shield. The enemy targeted me so I cast deflection to protect myself. The battle had just started and I was already halfway through my magical energy. Then one of them shot their leader with a crossbow and he started foaming at the mouth! Thank Archanon, I wasn’t hurt. We were able to take out another one then the one who shot the leader ran away. If he lives, we have a prisoner.

Then the captain ordered us to fight to protect the town. By now several of us had gathered, but we couldn’t decide which way to go. I certainly wasn’t leading anyone INTO the peril. Finally they decided to help the citizens in their houses. I took a lantern because the blackish red moon wasn’t providing any light. I don’t know how it happened, but I was alone out in front and some undead thing came at me. I shot a bolt at it and turned and ran. By the time I was a safe distance away, Mr. Shonin was swarmed with the things. I cast a strong entangle on the group. It got Mr. Shonin too, but since it held all those undead from attacking him I figured he’d be ok with that. That was the last of my energy. I stood by the entry to the ranger station, ready to duck in if things got close. I reached deep into my soul and found the energy for a few bolts at the undead. I kept doing that for what felt like forever. Then a vampire attacked Mr. Shonin and started draining him. He was actually egging the thing on!! I continued to bolt while I tried to think of what else I could do. Finally, I remembered my holy symbol of Archanon was supposed to repel vampires Geil was standing close to Mr. Shonin, so as quickly as I could, I ran over to him, gave him the holy symbol and kept running until I was in cover.

All of a sudden everything stopped as this beautiful elf (man? who can tell) appeared and started summoning angels. Before I knew it, it was all over but the cleanup. The elf, named Ash, had his angels heal those he could. Many in the town died, mostly among the poor.

Ash is apparently a wizard as well as a priest! He invited me to come study with him and gave me a powerful scroll of Battle Preparedness! I can’t wait to see it work! Umm that would mean we were in trouble. Nevermind, I can wait.

17th day of Dancing Clouds 3126. After action report by A. Shonin.
Undead terror assault on Kator

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Official after action report by ranger Abraham Shonin.
17th day of Dancing Clouds 3126.

Abraham Shonin. (Human)
Bremner. (Brinchie)
Geil. (Human)
Azriel. (Aevekar)
Jig. (Goblin)

So we were attacked early this night between 16th and 17th day of Dancing Clouds, after the funeral and celebration of the deceased Ranger Katyr. And by we I mean the entire town of Kator, overrun by a undead menace.

Like yourself captain, we all awoke from the ringing of the church bell. Announcing the town being under attack. I am not sure who spotted the attack and called for the bell to ring. But said person should be commended for his or her quick action. As I am sure it saved many lives. I still don’t get why, you just ran out into the fray, just in your nightgown and sword in hand.
Jig and I was the first to come to your aid, just donning the bare minimum of our leather armors, we joined you in a fight against a group of assasins, blocking the door of our headquarter.

It’s slightly weird to write a report, where the events was witnessed by yourself. But after a short fight, where the rest of our group, got into there armors and joined the fight. We were able to kill and scare of the assasins. With the help of there own poisoned darts, we were able to subdue and take into custody the leader of the assassins. I hope he is still alive, and will recover soon, for us to interrogate.
One of the assassins said something about belonging to the Shawl or Shroud. Was hard to make out in the noise of the battle.

After that you ordered us to go and protect the town. Clear and secure the areas of the town from what ever was attacking us. Some great beast which I only saw as a shadow against the night sky, was able to bash through the town gate, towering over the town wall. Murvoth, the visiting Orc and also a ranger, ran straight for the creature.

But it was here, that our lack of leadership showed it’s ugly head. Jig, Bremner, Azriel and Geil, discussing where we should move first for minutes. Until decision was made to go south, into the civil quarters of the town. Making sure civilian lives was saved. Bremner taking off, over the roof top into the night sky. I did not see him for the rest of the battle, except for a few of his arrows, as they appeared in our enemies.

Azriel took to the sky, unsure what he did accomplish in the fight. But glad that he is safe.

So Geil, Jig and I went south, steeling ourselves, our minds and spirit, against the unnatural screeches in the night. The reddish black moon eclipse seeming to enhance the terror of what we were facing. But we did not get far. Before Jig that moved slightly ahead of me and Geil, shot arcane purple bolts into the night, and then ran back past us, to get away from the horror he had seen.

I placed myself into a defensive posture, as I was swarmed by the horrors. Some undead creature, can not give them any specification. Bremner talked about the jumped many times there lengths and easily onto the roofs of the buildings. All I experienced was there great speed, as they surrounded and attacked me. Thankfully there fighting ability was somewhat limited, and I was able to fend of most of the attacks, of the initial assault. Don’t know if it was my torch, my yelling or my position that made them go almost exclusively for me. But it kept the rest of my fellow rangers safer.

The creatures was dark greyish, almost oily skinned creatures. Long limps, running on all four, long crimson talons or nails. So not like any undead I have heard or read about before.
I was fighting a holding action, keeping these creatures at bay, from the Ranger outpost, civilian peoples homes and more importantly my ranger compatriots. And slowly and surely they were able to thin out the herd of these undead creatures. Jig making a good portion of them unable to fight for several seconds. Might not have been a long time in relation to the entire assault. But was crucial use of a spell, while I was surrounded, as I and the creatures was bound by tethers of purple energy.

Later in the fight, I was assaulted by a much more though, skilled and intelligent creature. It knew how to avoid the area, that Jig had bound in her purple energy. And its power and speed easily outclassed my attempts of a defensive stance. Grappling me and started to suck my blood. I am unsure what it was exactly, the best way I can describe it, is feral beast vampire.
It was easily taunted and goaded into concentrating it’s efforts on me. Opening it for attacks by my ranger companions. And Bremner doing what he seems to do best. Shooting vampires in the heart with white silver arrows. Taking the beast down.

Can only claim now, that I owe that drunken wonder cat, my life. But I had not even time to take a fresh breath of undead fouled air, before Murvoth came flying through the air, crashing and destroying part of the ranger HQ wall. That monstrous beast rampaging through the southern part of the city, being too much of a handful, even for that skilled and experienced ogre.
He then somehow punched the earth, and called in some fancy elf in a night shirt.

But his faith in Archanon must be supreme. Within the span of a few minutes, the air was filled with angels, beautiful shining angels. That flew around slaying monsters, healing the wounded people around the town. And all kinds of wondrous things, there bright light, almost blinding.

In the aftermath of the fighting and destruction, Some red eyed creature spoke to us. I could not see it well, in the darkness of the night, my limited night vision destroyed by the brightness of the elf magics and summoned angels.
But it spoke clear enough, indicating this had been some kind of experiment. A scientific experiment, not a actual raid of terror or possession. After which it teleported away, together with its big monster. Unsure what it’s true goal was.

About 15% of the towns inhabitants was slain in this assault. Most from the poor district the roughs and the Gather lost a good portion of there numbers too.
Of notable people slain the Vicar Laxus of the local church is dead. Thankfully the angels was able to heal most people, that was wounded, even those with serious injuries. Including myself, even thou I still feel a little under the weather. Been a long week after all.

I do not know what is the best course of action from now. But there is clearly a powerful force working in this area. Led by a red eyed necromancer, at least that is my assumption.
Powerful enough, that a powerhouse like Murvoth, had to call in reinforcement, in the shape of a very powerful priest. So I believe we need to call in reinforcements, both in the shape of warriors and of those, that know how to track down elusive creatures like these undeads masters. And know how to shot them down.

I do not believe that your current group of rangers captain, are able to handle this necromancer or group of necromancers on our own. I wish I had that confidence.
But we lack a clear leader, a clear leadership structure. And we lack the combat power and thoughness to handle these encounters. It hurts us, that we don’t have powerhouses like Esph and Ariel around us.

But I have decided that no one else in this ranger group, will suffer, die or get captured while I am alive. I will not let them down again. So I will train to become that old grizzled fast than he looks tough man, that seems to be a stable in many action packed literary books. And I will do my utmost to keep Jig, Geil, Bremner and even Azriel safe. Even thou i am not a sprinter like Bremner, and I can definitely not fly.
Just make sure we have a leader Captain, and you will have a group, that might not be your usual group of rangers. But we will perform far above, what anyone would think of us.

Signed 17th day of Dancing Clouds 3126
A. Shonin.

10-12th day of Dancing Clouds 3126. After action report by A. Shonin
Ranger Katyr, Killed in Action.

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Official after action report by ranger Abraham Shonin.
10th to 12th day of Dancing Clouds 3126.

As rangers coming of our leave that have lasted a month. Of the various options for mission we had available, we decided to go to the crypt, where the others had met and fought Skeletal werewolves. We did have reports of Aliana being spotted down close to Camden. In captivity, but all of us had decided not to try and free her, as we believe that will be a suicide mission. I have written letters about this, in case Ranger HQ have contacts to assets, that can work in Camden.
And we also have reports of Korindians in Serenity, Harken, Farwatch, Echer’naught and Erimar. Not with enough details to accurately ascertain if it was vampires or not.

Ranger 1st class Ariel having other businesses to attend to, as our groups leader, and the Kator Rangers second in command, after Captain Larth’thia. I was designated group leader for this mission.

The rangers on mission was:
Abraham Shonin. (Human) Mission leader.
Bremner. (Brinchie)
Geil. (Human)
Katyr. (M’adukar) Killed in action.
Jig. (Goblin)

It’s my duty to report that Katyr was killed in action, on this mission.

All of us had individually time to prepare for the mission into the forest and the crypt. I had wen’t to the local apothecary, bought some potions to help us survive.
Geil and Jig had received blessings from the local church, and information that they had sent for a paladin to handle the current Vampire scourge.
I made sure that all, was knowledgeable about the usefulness of crushing weapons like maces and clubs, against foes of darkness, at least those of a skeletal nature.

So after midday we went north, into the deadwoods. Quiet travels and camping. The next day close to the crypt we came across a Mule, apparently named Theo. At least that was what Katyr surmised from his communion with it. It had apparently been in the area for about 6 months, it had apparently been led dragging a wagon to this place. Thou the equipment on the wagon, had over that time, degraded into scrap metals and the like. My mind immediately saw a option to sell the materials, for those that can repair or make new wares out of it. Maybe donate a bit to my own shop in Kator.
Geil was able to repair the wagons harnesses, so we could attach the mule or one of our horses, to the wagon, when we were going to return to Kator. Katyr made the Mule keep an eye out for our horses. He told us it was smarter than most animals, he used the term lifetouched. Guess that is a druid thing. Like his connection to his animal companions. Venom and Slim.

We then as a group went into the darkness of the Crypt, even thou I had been warned by Katyr and Jig had his trepidations. I had the utmost confidence in my group, as we had been able to handle ourselves thus far.
I utilized a standard approach maneuver, sharp eyed Jig in front. Geil and myself just behind, with shields up. Both Jig and Geil carrying torches, so we without improved eyesight could see in the darkness. Katyr, Bremner and animals taking up the rear, to support us in the front, and protect Jig, if we were to be attacked.

We had not gone far into the crypt, when we came across a room, with a broken down door. Some of us stood at the door, as the rest of the group went in to search the room. They discovered some wall lanterns that they lit. An on the far wall, was a eye. Jig discovered it had magic properties or magical residue on it. But before we could investigate further. A slithering sound came up from deeper in the tunnels. As I write this, this night before the funeral of Ranger Katyr, I can not remember who heard the noise.

But it was heard early enough, that we had time to prepare in case of a attack. Jig and Katyr took the time to properly cast there magics and improve our chances. Even some of our weapons was turned to everwood by Katyr. We made a defensive line, with I, Geil and Katyr wildboar Slim in front, being the groups close combat fighters and the best protected. I must say I started to doubt my decision at this moment, with no Esph or Ariel, to truly anchor our line. Jig, Katyr and Bremner moving deeper into the room, to outside the range of immediate danger, and would be able to support us from range.

(Next paragraph written in shaking, frustrated strokes.)
“I was so very wrong in choosing this strategy, as we were swarmed by rats, flaming rats, not burning dying rats, but clearly evil magical giant rats. They swarmed us, bit us and set us on fire. Stabbing one rat, just made another 10 take its place, all I could do was swear, yell, scream as I burned, trying to smash the rats with my shield. Throwing out Katyrs dying snake from the fire, as I saw it trying to smother and bite the rats, as it always do, when fighting the enemies of Katyr.
In my fear and horror, my mind clicked and I started to babble about holy blessed cats, as rats would even be able to understand my yelling and be affected by it. My mind even imagined, it watched a arrow from Bremner, skewering dozens of rats shot along the floor, to then explode from the fiery heat, killing many more rats in a shower of splinters.

But somehow we managed to beat the rats to a retreat, and as I gathered myself, I spotted Geil half burnt, tending to Venom Katyrs snake. Jig standing up from behind his massive shield. It was first then, I realized that Katyr was still burning and dying. None of us, not me, not the Drunken Cat, slow old Geil, not the cowardly Jig reacted fast enough to save Katyr. None of us moved to but the fire out, on Katyr until it was too late, he was like a mesmerizing fire, just making us stand there dumbfounded."

(The writing returning to a more calm presentation again)
I apologize for my previous outburst in my report. I have decided to leave it as is, so as you Captain Larth’thia and those of interest that is granted access to this report, can better gauge my state of mind. Everybody in the group, fought valiantly and beyond there abilities. The fault and responsibility is mine and mine alone. I did not listen to the warnings of my group, I did not retreat to outside the crypt, but stayed in a room with no escape possibility. And I did not in any way adapt to what we fought, in any meaningful way. And for my failings, Katyr had to die, the rest of the group being burnt or close to death. And looking back, I can also only take responsibility of the capture of Aliana. Completely underestimating the prowess and abilities of the bandits and there leaders.

I was able to collect myself enough, to lead the group back to Kator, with the Body of Katyr. Geil is nursing Venom back to health, it seems the snake has taken to Geil. Slim is following us, possibly more out of habit than anything. I will make sure, that as long it follows us, it will be well fed. I owe it at least that much.

Captain Aevarion Larth’thia as I am finishing this report, listening to the sounds of a town preparing to a feast of a funeral. I will inform you, that I am prepared for any disciplinary action, you feel is in order, to punish me for my lacking leadership and abilities, that have lead to the death of Ranger Katyr and the capture of Ranger initiate Aliana.
And I recommend that I am demoted from any leadership responsibilities. Thou if I am still a ranger after this, I still believe I will make good quartermaster.
I can not say who will make a decent second in command of our current group, as they all have skills and traits that can be utilized as leaders. But I can promise that any of them, will undoubtedly perform much better than I could or can in the future.

Signed the 13th day of Dancing clouds 3126
A. Shonin.

Laying Katyr to Rest

We brought Katyr’s body back to the base and told the Captain about our battle and his death. Katyr was so right about not going into creepy places. This ranger business may be more dangerous than I first thought, but I think it’s too late to get out of it.

Many of the Rangers gathered to pay their respects and lay Katyr to rest. As part of the proceedings there were several contests amongst the Rangers in crafting, magic and various styles of fighting. Bremner won the archery contest and got a white silver great crossbow. I won 5 copper betting on him.

I entered the magic contest. My first opponent was an adept who made an illusion of himself fighting evil. I did a brief light show. cartoon-fireworks-hi.png

& sang the song of Jig with cantrip accompaniment. notes.jpg

My finale was tossing my hat in the air & casting shrink on myself so I seemed to disappear in a puff of smoke. Wizard-Hat-cartoon.jpg

I bested 3 more opponents using cantrip to cast a shadow over a light cantrip and entangle to enhance a stone singer’s sculpture. I won the whole contest and got a FABULOUS prize. A long leather coat, dyed in the color of my choice, that works as armor even better than the new stuff Mr. Shonin got me. On top of that, it gives me extra magical energy! They’re going to dye it bright purple and even add gold trim!!

In the unarmed combat, Geil fought Ariel. I bet on Geil and Bremner bet on Ariel. We started out betting a copper then upped it to a rendition of “I’m a Little Teapot” sung and danced by the loser. Geil was waiting for Ariel to go first. (Not really the time to be a gentleman.) Ariel came charging up to kick him in the groin. Geil acted quickly and hit her harder than I would have thought he could. She shook it off and attacked him. The fight got scary as Ariel went after Geil and nearly beat him to death. They were able to heal him, but it was close.

The final contest was the Grand Melee. Bremner won the prize, which was a white silver, two-handed Olaran sword engraved with his name.

After the contests was a eulogy and performances in honor of Katyr. Then his pyre was lit to send his spirit on.

Then something really weird happened. The three moons merged into one and turned red. red_moon.jpg

Out of nowhere came undead like we’d never seen………

Bremner: Going out in a BLAZE fo glory!
An end to the Druid who was not THAT type of druid....

Whelsh I can’t reallly remember a lot of the events that led up to Ranger Katy’rs flamingsh demise… I know we were to set out to inveshtigate a ruins that seemed to be the cause of a lot of the local concerns. Bandits and undeads and shtuff. Mainly undead I think cause my compatriotsh were out looking for blunt weapons and everwood and white shilver. We traveled a full day and set up camp. OH! Ranger Katyr made another new friend, a very well trained mule named Theo that was hitche dto a broken wagon. Katyr said something about the mule being “lifetouched” whatever that means…. The evening passed uneventfully and the next day we were at the crypt. Katyr took an instant dislike to the cavern/tunnel. It turns out he was something of a prophet….

We had only evetered a small way after lighting torches to illuminate our path. We found a room with strange eyes that Jig said were magical. Someone said that some flaming rats wre coming! I forget who. We were sure we wre in a defensible enough place to take them on. My arrows caused little effect untill I remembered that I could c roruch low and skewer many of them at once. that seemed to work well, though I suspect it will only work the one time. Katy’rs snake and pig both got roasted. I admit to having bad thoughts about bacon after smelling slim catch fire… It was venom who took the worst of it for a time, passing out in the flames.Shomeone, at great risk to himself tossed Venom out of the fire and we wree just on the point of driving the swarms off. Woe to us, that Katyr fell under the final surge of flaming rats. though his woulds did not seem that great he was not to rise again. I suspect it was his heart…….

We will take his body back for proper burial and I shall compose a song in his honor. he was a great friend, a noble ally, and shared my dislike of forests (though that does seem rather odd in a druid)


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