Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

17th day of Dancing Clouds 3126. After action report by A. Shonin.

Undead terror assault on Kator

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Official after action report by ranger Abraham Shonin.
17th day of Dancing Clouds 3126.

Abraham Shonin. (Human)
Bremner. (Brinchie)
Geil. (Human)
Azriel. (Aevekar)
Jig. (Goblin)

So we were attacked early this night between 16th and 17th day of Dancing Clouds, after the funeral and celebration of the deceased Ranger Katyr. And by we I mean the entire town of Kator, overrun by a undead menace.

Like yourself captain, we all awoke from the ringing of the church bell. Announcing the town being under attack. I am not sure who spotted the attack and called for the bell to ring. But said person should be commended for his or her quick action. As I am sure it saved many lives. I still don’t get why, you just ran out into the fray, just in your nightgown and sword in hand.
Jig and I was the first to come to your aid, just donning the bare minimum of our leather armors, we joined you in a fight against a group of assasins, blocking the door of our headquarter.

It’s slightly weird to write a report, where the events was witnessed by yourself. But after a short fight, where the rest of our group, got into there armors and joined the fight. We were able to kill and scare of the assasins. With the help of there own poisoned darts, we were able to subdue and take into custody the leader of the assassins. I hope he is still alive, and will recover soon, for us to interrogate.
One of the assassins said something about belonging to the Shawl or Shroud. Was hard to make out in the noise of the battle.

After that you ordered us to go and protect the town. Clear and secure the areas of the town from what ever was attacking us. Some great beast which I only saw as a shadow against the night sky, was able to bash through the town gate, towering over the town wall. Murvoth, the visiting Orc and also a ranger, ran straight for the creature.

But it was here, that our lack of leadership showed it’s ugly head. Jig, Bremner, Azriel and Geil, discussing where we should move first for minutes. Until decision was made to go south, into the civil quarters of the town. Making sure civilian lives was saved. Bremner taking off, over the roof top into the night sky. I did not see him for the rest of the battle, except for a few of his arrows, as they appeared in our enemies.

Azriel took to the sky, unsure what he did accomplish in the fight. But glad that he is safe.

So Geil, Jig and I went south, steeling ourselves, our minds and spirit, against the unnatural screeches in the night. The reddish black moon eclipse seeming to enhance the terror of what we were facing. But we did not get far. Before Jig that moved slightly ahead of me and Geil, shot arcane purple bolts into the night, and then ran back past us, to get away from the horror he had seen.

I placed myself into a defensive posture, as I was swarmed by the horrors. Some undead creature, can not give them any specification. Bremner talked about the jumped many times there lengths and easily onto the roofs of the buildings. All I experienced was there great speed, as they surrounded and attacked me. Thankfully there fighting ability was somewhat limited, and I was able to fend of most of the attacks, of the initial assault. Don’t know if it was my torch, my yelling or my position that made them go almost exclusively for me. But it kept the rest of my fellow rangers safer.

The creatures was dark greyish, almost oily skinned creatures. Long limps, running on all four, long crimson talons or nails. So not like any undead I have heard or read about before.
I was fighting a holding action, keeping these creatures at bay, from the Ranger outpost, civilian peoples homes and more importantly my ranger compatriots. And slowly and surely they were able to thin out the herd of these undead creatures. Jig making a good portion of them unable to fight for several seconds. Might not have been a long time in relation to the entire assault. But was crucial use of a spell, while I was surrounded, as I and the creatures was bound by tethers of purple energy.

Later in the fight, I was assaulted by a much more though, skilled and intelligent creature. It knew how to avoid the area, that Jig had bound in her purple energy. And its power and speed easily outclassed my attempts of a defensive stance. Grappling me and started to suck my blood. I am unsure what it was exactly, the best way I can describe it, is feral beast vampire.
It was easily taunted and goaded into concentrating it’s efforts on me. Opening it for attacks by my ranger companions. And Bremner doing what he seems to do best. Shooting vampires in the heart with white silver arrows. Taking the beast down.

Can only claim now, that I owe that drunken wonder cat, my life. But I had not even time to take a fresh breath of undead fouled air, before Murvoth came flying through the air, crashing and destroying part of the ranger HQ wall. That monstrous beast rampaging through the southern part of the city, being too much of a handful, even for that skilled and experienced ogre.
He then somehow punched the earth, and called in some fancy elf in a night shirt.

But his faith in Archanon must be supreme. Within the span of a few minutes, the air was filled with angels, beautiful shining angels. That flew around slaying monsters, healing the wounded people around the town. And all kinds of wondrous things, there bright light, almost blinding.

In the aftermath of the fighting and destruction, Some red eyed creature spoke to us. I could not see it well, in the darkness of the night, my limited night vision destroyed by the brightness of the elf magics and summoned angels.
But it spoke clear enough, indicating this had been some kind of experiment. A scientific experiment, not a actual raid of terror or possession. After which it teleported away, together with its big monster. Unsure what it’s true goal was.

About 15% of the towns inhabitants was slain in this assault. Most from the poor district the roughs and the Gather lost a good portion of there numbers too.
Of notable people slain the Vicar Laxus of the local church is dead. Thankfully the angels was able to heal most people, that was wounded, even those with serious injuries. Including myself, even thou I still feel a little under the weather. Been a long week after all.

I do not know what is the best course of action from now. But there is clearly a powerful force working in this area. Led by a red eyed necromancer, at least that is my assumption.
Powerful enough, that a powerhouse like Murvoth, had to call in reinforcement, in the shape of a very powerful priest. So I believe we need to call in reinforcements, both in the shape of warriors and of those, that know how to track down elusive creatures like these undeads masters. And know how to shot them down.

I do not believe that your current group of rangers captain, are able to handle this necromancer or group of necromancers on our own. I wish I had that confidence.
But we lack a clear leader, a clear leadership structure. And we lack the combat power and thoughness to handle these encounters. It hurts us, that we don’t have powerhouses like Esph and Ariel around us.

But I have decided that no one else in this ranger group, will suffer, die or get captured while I am alive. I will not let them down again. So I will train to become that old grizzled fast than he looks tough man, that seems to be a stable in many action packed literary books. And I will do my utmost to keep Jig, Geil, Bremner and even Azriel safe. Even thou i am not a sprinter like Bremner, and I can definitely not fly.
Just make sure we have a leader Captain, and you will have a group, that might not be your usual group of rangers. But we will perform far above, what anyone would think of us.

Signed 17th day of Dancing Clouds 3126
A. Shonin.


Lord Mayor, Colonel Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander

Commander of the Legio Heroes

Ranger Regional Headquarters, Echer’Naught, Olara

It saddens me that a funeral to honor our fallen would be so defiled. Worse, that Kator was suffer such loss of life. Regardless, I am proud of the Rangers and all efforts to protect the innocent lives against such villainy.

The Regional Headquarters at Echer’Naught stands ready to assist in any way possible.

Your most obedient servant,

Lord Mayor Wolfhaven, Colonel

Ranger Regional Headquarters, Echer’Naught, Olara

Ruben_Rivera Anilar

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