Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

18th day to 24th day Dancing clouds, collected report. By A. Shonin

Report of events from the aftermath of the undead assault on Kator 18th day of Dancing clouds, to our arrival at Serenity 24th day of Dancing Clouds.

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Report of events from the aftermath of the undead assault on Kator 18th day of Dancing clouds, to our arrival at Serenity 24th day of Dancing Clouds.

Damage report of Kator.
The Roughs were somewhat trashed by the enemy, but the Pawn Shop was still in usual condition. Maybe worth investigation in the future.
The town gate destroyed, by the huge monster, a new one need to be made.
Some minor damage on houses, market stalls, the alchemist hut and the tavern.
Otherwise the city haven’t really sustained any damage.

Interrogation of assassin.
The guy was initially hard to interrogate, since he seems to only speak Aradish, and some language I could not identify, maybe a old form of Aradish.
But it helped after I purchased a language potion from Zalavius the town Alchemist.

Apparently they had no connection to the undead assault, they were apparently ordered to assault us, independent of the Necromancer of the undead assault. But used the spectacle as a distraction.

He had a mantra he tended to mumble quite often
“Red sands stained, Lord of Xaos and War
We stand before the storm,
preparing your arrival”

The assassin talked about there group, have simply been raised to obey, without reason or motive. Seems to be absolutely loyal to there cause. I could not get him to explain, what there deal was with us, only that they had been ordered to kill us. Not anyone in particular, just us as a group.
What the reason is of this attack, I can not really speculate on. If it is our location, rangers in general or us in particular.
It doesn’t seem they have anything to do with tempest either. So unsure to what to make of these assassins.

But they are apparently connected to some weird minted coins of gold. Sporting old iconography of the Desert Lands. And I would say made to look old. What the exact reason for that, I can not say, other than it might be a scam to sell a coin of a golds worth, to gullible collectors of the olden days, for a greater sum of money.
How our attempted murder and these coins are connected I do not have enough experience in such matters, to attempt to speculate on.

But will bring it with me to Serenity, to see if I can get some more intelligence on the coin there.
Otherwise your orders to investigate the missing group of mercenaries from the Blades of Valor, that we haven’t heard from, is still being followed.

We have arrived to Serenity this evening of 24th day, Lt. Brewhug acting as the Ale merchant Rockshine. Our travels was eventful, as we were shadowed by more of these assassins, and they attacked us a few times. Though we survived all the attacks. Including slaying a massive tangible shadow scorpion. Bremner being instrumental in these fights.
As the assassins had a tendency to single me out, including assaulting me in my room at a tavern in Farwatch. Also making sure I could not yell for help. I had to jump out the window from the 3rd floor, to survive the assault. I let Jig examine the golden coin for magic, and she detected magic on it.
So I speculate they can use it to track us. I will keep the coin on me, as I won’t want the other get hurt.

We have rented a room at The Watchful Lion, a place for less than savory deals. But a place where goods and important stuff, can be placed securely.

Tomorrow we will move out into the town, and see if we can fulfill our mission.

Signed 24th day of Dancing Clouds 3126
A. Shonin.


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