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4th and 5th day of Eternal Sun. Situation report by Mr. Shonin.

Update, interogation and business opportunities.

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Situation report by ranger trainee Abraham Shonin.
4th and 5th day of Eternal Sun 3126.

So these last two days have been largely uneventful. As a group we still have much to learn, when it comes to investigations and working together. But at least we get along reasonable well. Despite our differences and inabilities.

I am aware of our mission, still dealing with the bandit threat. Thou if one were to listen to Jig, he sounds like capturing Sargunn was all it took, to defeat them. But I am very aware of it isn’t so.
And then the vampire. I do not know much about them, only that every story involving a vampire, also involves great experienced heroes. And we are not there yet.

So I have spent these last two days, making sure our group is better equipped, for our situation. I have with the help of Geil and Bremners resources, ordered 4 white sky silver arrows, to equip Bremner with. So we actually have something that can hurt the vampire. And helped Aliana get equipped with Ironwood Bracers, so she have better defenses.
And I can understand Esph is finally seeking actual training in the arts of the sword, that he have been obsessing over for so many years.

I don’t have much on the investigation into the vampire, that have been mostly dealt with by some of the other in the group. Jig, Bremner and Geil making contacts around the town. I have heard rumors, they defused a tense situation of a mob gathering outside the gather. But haven’t had time yet, to talk to them about what there findings have been.

But I have had time to interrogate Sargunn. Quite a unpleasant character. But as I had hoped, his anger and hatred for me, made him spill the beans. I am amazed how easy it is to get under his skin.
But the bandits, that are right now mostly a major annoyance, does have the numbers to seem like a threat.
At least a 100 members, mostly humans but the leaders seems to be goblinesh.
He tried to get under my skin, by indicating that horrible things are happening to the women. But he didn’t get into details.
So can’t say if they are sexually abused, beaten, tortured or meant to be used for even worse things. Or if he was lying, and they are there to be used as, or maybe sold as slaves.
He also cooperated enough to give us a location, I think he believes we would move out with the guards of the town, to fight these bandits. And we will not have the numbers and abilities to handle the bandits.

He seemed rather certain, of the Mak Torkash dominion supremacy. I can not say that they are not strong, since I have not met them in force yet. And they might get more followers, if there success continues.

So I can not say how dangerous the vampire is, but so far all he have done is murder a few people. Murdered horrible yes, and with much attention drawn, because of the macabre situation of the bodies.
But the bandits threaten the security of the entire region, with many lives at stake. And a winter where it will be even harder to hunt them down, if they start to raid the surrounding villages, farmsteads and communities for food, recruits and slaves. And they can very well get into spring being stronger, than they are now.

I do not believe Sargunn, when he expresses that we can not handle the bandits in a direct assault. I am not a combat commander, but Sargunn and 8-9 bandits was very easily handled by us. I mean Sargunn was taken down, by his rage, some grass and a single punch to the guts. He does claim, that he is far from the most powerful of the goblinesh in the tribe. But i am sure we rangers and the guards can handle a bit of sweat on our brow, if that is what it takes. I mean Ariel, one of our most accomplished fighters, was beaten by a ordinary town guard. So they should be able to handle it quite well, even if we would be outnumbered by five to one.

But if there number is about 100 members, they might seem like a group of power and position to others. And that can attract even greater numbers to there cause. So I do believe we need to deal with them quickly, show them how weak they were.

But Sargunn might be lying on location and numbers, so I do believe we should scout out the bandit camp, to verify there position and numbers. Maybe try and rescue the women, so they can get home to there families. I don’t know Ranger policy on the subject. But we could offer up Sargunn in exchange for the women. If Sargunn is to be believed, the bandits seems to value him somewhat, and we have established, he is not a great threat.

But I leave that decision in your capable hands Captain.

Otherwise I have begun to look into the possibility to take over the shop of Mr. Ketchum the cobbler. The latest murder victim by the vampire. I will approach the family, to look into the options, thou I hope the man had an apprentice, that can take over the actual production of goods. And maybe hire someone to man the shop. I believe that having a presence on the market square, might make people trust us more. And if the man I hire will be any good, will catch rumors, gossip and knowledge, that can be great for our endeavours as rangers.
Still have to look into various details, like how much taxes, Lord Gorharsis demands for having a shop and a stall.

Signed 5th day of Eternal Sun.

Mr. A. Shonin.

(As a side note, Mr. Shonin rolled a double 1 on his knowledge battle roll, when he assessed the threat of the bandits.)


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