Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

8th day of Eternal Sun 3126. After action report by Mr. Shonin.

Vampire hunt part 1

Part 1

I have added a attachment, that details the equipment obtained from the local bandit raid we have just come back from.
Several large crossbows being the most unique items in there possesion.

The women have been returned to there families, I hope they will get over these experiences in time.

I wish to thank you Captain Aevarion once again for our promotion to fully fledged rangers. And the trust placed in me, with first asking me to become the group leader, but accepting my recommendation to assign Ariel for that role. Since her battle experience is much greater than mine.
I believe my role as 2nd in command and quatermaster, will be more valuable for the group.

After this the group had a discussion about, what we were to do now.

Travel the long road to Camden, in a attempt to save Aliana. Our fight proved that the bandits is led by a goblin named Ravvilk the purple, a rather charismatic goblin specimen. And letters from his tent, named Malarian Urku as a contact in Camden. Which I believe is a member or maybe even leader of one of the ruling noble houses in Camden.

We could hunt more bandits in the area, since there must still be a large number of them left.

Then there was also the case of the murderous vampire.

We weren’t particularly in agreement on which case to pursue.
We decided to look more into the vampire case, on this day, and see where we would get, partly because another body had shown up, thou not as brutalized as our former victim.

Bremner somehow was able to locate the whereabouts, of a underground fight club. That had a fight this day, the next would first be the 16th. And there was rumours of pale characters ruling the ring. Also rumours that some had died in the fights. So not something we as rangers can have going on. We disguised ourselves as travelling merchants, with bodyguards and such.
We equipped ourselves with stakes and Bremner got his white silver arrows. Just in case we got lucky, and the vampire would be there.

We went to the match, lead by a guide into the forest. They use new places every time, as not to draw too much attention. No one recognised us. Bremner joined the ring, and was brutally efficient in the heat of claw to hand almost no rules fight. Much more efficient than I would have tought.

We spotted a pale female among the spectators.

Continued in report part 2.


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