Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

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6th Dancing Clouds. A. Shonin personal journal.

So a busy month have gone by, I did not believe that we would actually be able to keep a months leave, that the Captain provided us. I was sure something would pop up, that would have forced us back into work as rangers.

I was pleaseantly surprised, that Bremner spent the time training his fighting and shooting. Thought he would have drunk away the month into a stupor.
Jig trained with her rabbit, something about making it a sentinel, to warn of us danger. I have experienced many weird things, in this new life, so why not a guard bunny. I do hope Im not ask to request armor for it, from Echer’naught.
Geil spent his time walking the area, not sure what he was trying to do and not do. Guess his loyalty to the rangers, kept him patrolling the area. Didnt dare to ask him, since he would probably have dragged me around too.

Not sure what the rest was doing, busy making a business.

Supplies from Echer’naught arrived in the beginning of Festival moons, so we now have a decently supplied ranger outpost. People are paid there salary. Equipment upgrades available, for those that need it, even special armors for Jig and Esph. Funny enough, it was harder to get a special made chainmail for Esph, a small framed obese Dregordian. Than the fine purple leather armor with silver trimmings, I ordered for Jig.

Used the interim time to acquire a business here in Kator. A humble cobbler booth, but still a place on the market place, where people talks, spread rumors and make businesses.
I had a interesting business meeting, with the local merchant master, Lord Goharsis. An interesting fellow, that can afford several people of Adepts in his employ, I doubt that his businesses here in Kator, can pay all those adepts. Which indicates that he have succesful transactions other places in Shaintar. Thou there is no visible clues to those businesses here in Kator.
At my meeting, three of those adepts, made a illusionary image of Goharsis which I made business with. Where we came to an agreement, around the cobbler shop.
I made a pretty good deal, if I have any business sense. Taxes and former business debt first to be paid, when I have had some months to get the shop up and running.
Thou he did indicate that he had read my mind, not sure how I could get away with such great a deal, if he had done that. Thou it worries me that he knows my secret.

And with the help from Lord Goharsis employees, it didn’t take more than a week to get Unlucky Joe up from Serenity to run my shop. He is relatively cheap but dependable worker. His luck just not been with him, in his business ventures in Serenity and surroundings.
And with the town being without Cobbler for quite some time, orders quickly lined up. Especially the town guard was eager to get there boots repaired and improved. But will still take a bit of time, before the business will turn a profit.

Well also had some time to getting some strength into my old muscles. All this walking around, moving crates, weapon training have brought some vitality back in my old bones.
So feel comfortable in Scale armor, a decent shield on my arm and heavier weaponry in my hands, than my old rapier.
Guess I still can become a warrior, if need be.


Ruben_Rivera Anilar

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