Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

Test or Games

Field Report by Brother Orri. "As deciphered by Brother Featherpen"

Personal note: In my studies of Brother Orri, his success and failures, with the unique challenges he faced, balancing his duties to the Black lanterns, the four paths and the Law of Kor. I continue to be amazed by his penmanship, that are remarkable precise and readable, considering his blindness.

Field report by Brother Orri
- 6th day, Dancing cloud. 3125.
- Deciphered, Assessed and filed the 21th day of Dancing cloud 3125, by Brother Redink, archivist of the Scriptorium.
- Deciphered and researched by Scribe and Researcher of the Scriptorium 17th day of Falling Ice 3157

“Was it a test or a game.” On the 5th day of Dancing cloud 3125, I was travelling towards Kator, for my first field assignment as a brother. Been a Rim Agent for years under the tutelage of Brother Angelika, and even been tutored further by various brothers after my inception.
I did not know what was awaiting me, in the form of allies and the mission proper, as that wouldn’t be revealed before I arrived to the meeting place in Kator.

This was just the beginning of the report, if you need to read the rest, you need to request full access, from the headmaster of the Archivist or higher authority of the Black Lantern hierarchy.


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