Ariel Lionsblood


Ariel Lionsblood
Female Eldakar

xp: 40

Enemies: dark/flame
Gossamer: spend double points to raise vig at start, str doubled at creation and 2 advances during gameplay
Immortal Grace, Acumen, and will" d6 start ag sm, sp d8, max d12+2
Keen fae senses: d6 notice, +2 sight
Low light vision
Magically sensitive: detect arcana at will, using spirit
Unearthly Fae Beauty: +2 chr
Weakness +4 dmg from black iron/blood steel

Bloodthirsty -4 chr
Ugly -2chr
Quirk: no stealth attacks against humanoids

Toughness 8 (2)
Parry 7
Chr 0/-4( temp at+2)
Pace 6

Str d8
Ag d8
Sm d6
Sp d8
Vi d8

Notice d6+2
Fighting d8
Stealth d4
Survival d6
Tracking d6
Climbing d6
Knowledge: Battle d6
Throwing d6
Intimidation d6
swimming d4

BG Heirloom
BG Frightening ( add chr to intimidation)
5 Vigour +1
10 Brawny
15 Command/ Knowledge Battle ^d6
20 Natural Leader / Tracking ^d6
25 Soulbound item (Great axe) Reduce weight, +1 parry
BP: Chosen of the Horn
35: Vig ^ d8
40: Tactical Movement

  • Great Axe Str+d10 15 500 AP 1, Parry 0, 2 hands , (Heirloom White Silver), reduced weight(half+)
  • Bracers +1 parry
  • Full Studded Leather +2 armor -4 coverage 18 wt
  • Quiver of 20 arrows
  • Large Backpack
  • Horse with tack/saddle
  • Light bedroll
  • 2 Sets of Ranger Clothing (boots, pants, shirts, reversible green/grey cloaks, etc.), complete with Ranger insignia stitched in (black crossed bow and sword on a grey circle). The Grey Ranger cloak, if worn with the mottled green side out, can provide a +1 to Stealth rolls in appropriate settings.
  • bow?

Language : Galaen, Kalinesh,


Ariel Lionsblood

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