Harold Freedholden

Proprietor and owner of the most Farmland in Kator


Known to the masses as one of the Trifect of Kator, otherwise the most influential families of the township and its vast farms. A farmer three centuries ago finding fertile land passed the border, he is given his title for his expansive farm feeding plenty in the area. Cited as one of the biggest supporters of the Blades of Valor Mercenary Company and the increase of Olaran farmers entering the region of the Wildlands. Seen as a burly elderly man with a large bushy white beard, muscular frame indicating a past considering his nationality, and sun scorched marks on the face with a tan complexion.


A family borne of farmers that elevated in standing overtime as Olarans migrating to the Wildlands. Has a wife , 3 sons, 2 daughters

Harold Freedholden

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