Blind Korindian Black Lantern undercover operative.


Racial Package:
Enemy: Flame and Darkness.
Island Born: Start with d6 swimming.
Lithe: Start with d6 Agility.
Low Light Vision: Not applicable, since character is blind.
Nimble: +1 Parry.
Outsider: Others see Korindians as odd. -2 Charisma to most social interactions.
The Law of Kor: Major Obligation
Trained from birth: Start with Martial Artist edge.
Weakness: Take +2 damage from blood steel and black iron.

23 years of age, Orri is of typical Korindian build, 5’3, lithe and fit. Born blind, his brownish eyes seems devoid of life, and never look focused on anything. Thou they are most often hidden behind a blindfold.
Brown skintones, always looking somewhat tanned, with black hair, kept clean long and braided, when he is not assuming a role.
In official roles and where combat is a possibility, Orri wears Studded leather of korindian make, adorned with the steel hard blue grey mussel shells of Illiana Oysters, over lose fitting clothes of white and red. Armed with a staff and his gifts.
But in his role as a black lantern undercover operative, he has learned to assume many different poses and looks. Everything from a weak poor blind beggar, to the assistant and interpreter of rich shady merchants.

Apart from being born blind Orri’s childhood was somewhat ordinary. Playing on the beaches, training martial arts and learning the laws of kor. But as he grew up, his parents had a hard time guideing the blind kid, as his disability made it challenging to learn the basic skill to survive on the island realm of Korindia.
But Lasalo a kind, patient and elderly druid and kor-in master saw some talent in young Orri, and took him in as a student. teaching him the life of the 4 paths, kor-in and how to handle his blindness, in a realm that is somewhat dependent on sight. Learning to trust his other senses. Orri even learned to read, patiently and slowly feel the letters on the printed pages on books. Orri quickly fell in love of the plays, that he was allowed to read, often telling the stories of the ascended and there battles against evil. Thou most of the books in Lasalo’s library was books on philosophy.

His masters home and dojo lay close to one of the more dangerous stretches of beaches on the Korindian isles, so it didn’t take long into Orri’s apprenticeship, before he began to take care of sailors that had shipwrecked and was wounded. Giving the young Orri plenty of opportunity to talk to people of other lands, cultures and races. Discussing the way of metal, chaos and coin compared to the life of nature, truth and balance, with the various sailors, learning there customes and language something it showed that Orri had a great ear for. Learning there languages within weeks.
Several years wen’t like this, training and talking. Sparking a dream in Orri’s heart, a dream of being able to travel to other lands, experience the chaotic life abroad. As to test himself, if he could stay true to the 4 paths and the law of Kor, in a place where temptation will be high and easy to succumb to. And where a blind man would be just one amongst several.

But it was not before his mid teens that Orri got the chance to travel abroad, he had talked a lot with his master about this, but his master had always discourage the notion, wanting the young Orri to be more than able to take care of himself. In the interim Orri had also spread his wings on the theater stage of the local town. Learning to act, pretend and be true to a character placing his own true self to the side. Accepting playing a role, you pretend, you don’t lie, to convey the message of the play. Which might very well be about the dangers of lying.

But 16 years of age Orri met a Shipwrecked Nazatiran Captain, Angelika Quintas. She presented herself as a grey ranger, only some years later, that Orri learned the truth of her Black Lantern affiliation. But she quickly realised the remarkable talents of Orri, his ability to speak several langauges fluently and with several accents and dialects to choose from. So as a thank you for Orri’s care of her and her surviving crew, offered him a position on her new ship “Floating Ogre”. As a assistant and interpreter. Thou Orri’s master protested he did not demand Orri to stay, knowing that Orri’s fate was not on these islands.
Over the next few years Orri sailed the seas, meeting many more cultures, people and races than he had even imagined existed. Angelika also spent a lot of time training Orri in the intricacies of ranger work, of how the Grey rangers are structured, there charter across Shaintar. Taught Orri about the many enemies that seek to enslave, conquer and destroy the world. And how they are combatted by everything from lone undercover agents to powerful armies. And always making sure Orri’s acting skill was improving, she was often transporting acting troupes, bards, poets and circuses across Shaintar, and they all trained and tested Orri’s on the long voyages.

At the age of 21, Angelika brought Orri to the city of the four corners. Finally revealing and inducting Orri into the organisation of the Black Lanterns. Joining the 3rd spoke. The Theater of the Unseen: The Beautiful Spoke. Where Orri was even further trained in the art of language, acting and combat. Having success in undercover work, disguising himself as a ordinary poor blind beggar, that is simply overseen by those that are paranoid. Or as a interpreter, that shady people trust since Orri can’t see the wares they might be peddling.

Orri have had some issues getting the Law of Kor to apply to his work. But he sees his undercover work as a role he is playing, and as he keeps truthful to himself and his fellow agents, he accepts that those that lie to the world, for greed, destruction and evil, need to be brought to justice.
He has also come to the realisation that he need to accept money, as that is the currency of trust, however false it may be. But Orri have never and will never spend a coin on himself. Donating his money to those in need, beggars, orphanages and the organisation.
His salary paid in equipment, maintenance and food.

(For GM approval, the story of the druidified adept staff – Possible gifted Heirloom Edge)
Angelika realising that Orri’s greatest weakness comes from his blindness, nomatter how sharp his mind is, and how well trained in martial arts he might become. He will still be somewhat weak in combat. And could quickly become a liability to those agents, that have to fight by his side and trust him their lives. So she called in a favour from Grandmaster Charla Avel, founder of “Order of Kor”. A adept order that have blended the mindset of the way with the mindset of Kor-in.
So Orri have for 6 months trained with Grandmaster Charla Avel and her students even further enhancing his martial abilities and overcoming his blindness. His training cut short, as Orri have been ordered to Kator, to join a black lantern cell there. In need of agents and his abilities. But Orri had come a long way in those 6 months impressing Avel with his grasp of philosophy, his true self and his acceptance of his place in the laws of kor and the 4 paths. Hoping that Orri will one day return to be further trained and possible accept the mantle of a adept too, she have granted him a everwood staff, this staff to help him overcome his blindness and help Orri to stay alive. It is carved in the same style as the metal adept staffs of other orders, but as the Order of Kor embraces the Law of Kor, they have had to adapt, making there staffs of wood and using other materials than metal to listen to the world.
Orri’s staff have been crafted to enhance his senses through his connections with the natural world from his druidic teachings. Black raven feathers attached to the side of the staff, singing in the wind to the voice of Zavonis. Each end of the staff fitted with the rather ordinary brownish gem of Dranak’s knuckle, relaying vibrations from the earth through the staff. The almost steelhard blue grey mussel shells of Illiana oysters clapping softly to the rythm of water and raindrops close to the middle of the staff. And specialized carvings in the wood, that relay the silent voice of Landra into the mind of the druid.

Martial Artist
Training – 4 skill points, defining interest Acting.
D8 spirit
5 xp – Edge: Black Lantern trained 3rd spoke – Linguist edge, languages marked with (L) below, defining interests – Dialects, language – Nazatir and Aradish

Galean(Assume this is the free common language)
Black Lantern Finger Speech.

Defining Interests:


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