Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

Official Log by ranger Trainee A. Shonin.
Set up shop.

1st and 2nd day of Eternal Sun 3126.

Finally I have arrived to Kator, a ranger outpost just south of Olara, somewhat northeast of Serenity and east by southeast of Echer’naught.
The travel here wasn’t boring, as I was travelling with a group of fellow trainees, all stationed to Kator. I would not call any of us, true ranger potential. At least if we are to compare us, to the stories of the great heroes of the rangers.

Rangers meant to uphold law, order and justice. Rangers meant to combat crime, flame, darkness and evil in all its incarnations. But we all have our own reasons to be here, and I can do nothing but try and survive and figure out the potential of each of us, so I can make us all prosper and grow as a unit.

Im not sure what Ranger HQ was thinking assembling this unit.

I an elderly merchant. Not much experience when it comes to battle and combat. But guess I will be able to manage the outposts ressources, and get the most out of them. Including helping my fellow rangers realize there own potential. I will see if I can not get some business up and running on the side, to increase our available ressources and by that extension our options, when it comes to dealing with the problems we will no doubt face.

First impressions of the rest of the group.

Bremner – A drunken brinchie, he claims to be a bard, he is decent with the lute and he knows many songs. But he is a bit too fond of ale, expecially the dwarven kind. But as long as he can keep his head in the game, he can be very useful for us.

Esph – A short fat Dregordian. He have read a lot on swordsmanship. But it seems the pratical application of it, is not something that have crossed his mind to practice. We will see, if he have the mindset, to actually train hard to get into shape and become a fighter, like so many of his race.

Geil – A man older than me, apparently tried to become a ranger for a long time. Unsure what prompted his induction now. But I have a suspescion that he have hidden skills, that are yet to surface.

Jig the Great – A happy little goblin, with lots a panache, when it comes to showmanship. Using her sorcery powers to enhance a stageshow. She does seem to avoid conflict, but hopefully her powers will help us, when we get in problems.

Katyr – A druid, he looks korindian, but i believe he might just be a M’adukar. The few bruises and such we suffered during our travel to Kator, was very well treated by Katyr. I hope his skills are good enough, to treat real injuries, that we will no doubt suffer as rangers.

Aliana – A very beautiful woman from Korindia, with a aggresive streak towards men that get too close. Wonder how she would act if women came close. Well versed in martial arts, as the Korindians are known for. Quite possible the best fighter in the group, which is a great weapon for us. Good chance she will be underestimated, by those that mean us harm. Which will only hurt them.

So a unlikely band of Rangers, but since my survival depends on it, I intend to help Ranger Captain Aearion Larth’thia of Kator to get the most out of us. I suspect it will not be about training us to become great fighters, that we will solve problems differently, than the typical ranger. But we will see.
Soon we are to go on our first mission, hunting down some goblinesh bandits, calling themself Mak Torkash Dominion.
a group of untrained people against a group used to live on and from the land.

I spent the evening of the 1st eternal sun, looking through the files of the office. After we had been greeted by the Captain. He seems to be much like the trainers, at the Ranger HQ. Fighting and survival ability to be foremost priorities of the rangers. Not really trusting smarts or cunning to take care of problems.
But the files revealed to me, that 6 months prior there had been a dozen rangers. All dead with the exception of the captain. The funeral expenses taking a great deal of the outpost monetary ressources. And the outpost is low on most ressources with the exception of space.

Without actually seeing the treasury of the place, if my calculations are correct, there is about 57 silver and 3 copper. And a small tiger eye gemstone, with a worth of about 2,5 gold. But since we are all unpaid ranger trainees, there should be enough money to feed us and pay the captains salary. Untill ressources arrive from Echer’naught.

I have also delivered a letter to the Captain, to sign and send to regional ranger HQ Echer’naught. To let them know we have arrived, and we are very low on ressources. And expecially need rations for long term storage, in case of a siege, medical supplies, money for salaries, paper and ink for reports and the eqiupment needed to maintain our weapons and armor.

I have begun to set up shop, seems to be what I am a shopkeeper. Even in this new role and period of my life.

Bremner: How in the name of the Great Panther did I end up Here??

Well, it appears I’m now a recruit in the fabled Greyson’s Grey Rangers. There truly isn’t much to tell so far. The training was abysmal, in fact I don’t believe we have actually had ANY training…. Well, as a Bard I shall endeavor to do some record keeping. First myself, I fancy myself a reasonable fighter and an excellent hand with a bow, but my true talents are with the lute. This has generally caused me to be a “problem” with most of my Brinche kin as musical talent is NOT exactly a typical chosen profession. Then we have Jig the “Great” a rather amusing Goblin who seems to possess a typical sorceror’s power in addition to slight of hand and a rather amusing sense of humor. I feel we shall get along splendidly. Next we have an elderly human named Geil…. to be sure I have NO idea why he is here and not living in some nursing home pinching nurses bottoms. He seems harmless enough, but I tend to doubt his effectiveness in any combat…. Perhaps he has knowledges that may be of use? We shall see…. then there is Esph, a short, fat Dregordian. I had always thought the Dregordians to be a warrior race or at least some kind of aesthetic monk race. The Dregordian flies in the face of that belief. He has a large knowledge of the THEORY of combat but no practical talent whatsoever…… I got along well with Mr. Shonin, a human from Seren with a bent for trading and marketing. I look forward to visiting his town to see if his claims of Dwarven ale are correct. Lastly a 1/2 elven druid. He seems to be competent and I look forward to working with him. Our first outing at a local watering hole went well. My performance was acceptable and Jig’s “magic” was well received. I have reservations about our new commander. He seems a hard sort and I think some of our group may experience his wrath…..

My out of town Premeire!!
Jig the Great! (2nd Eternal Sun)

My show is getting less response with the goblinesh at home. I want to take it on the road but, c’mon it’s scary out there!

I had a brilliant idea though. If I join the Rangers I can travel with armed backup. Oooooo, the possibilities. I could become “Jig the Maginficent!!!” someday, with extra exclamation points!

So the commander clearly doesn’t understand good entertainment. He asked how I earned my name and I tried to do a card trick. He wouldn’t participate, so I used Cantrip to float a card to him. He cut it in half WITH A FREAKIN’ SWORD!! Then some giant snake chased me around. At first I was too scared to do much of anything. Then I finally thought to Entangle it.

Finally we went to a tavern and the real evening began. There’s another entertainer in the group, who played me a great musical intro. I had a fabulous set and it absolutely rained money! I don’t remember mush after that……..

Katyr's Log Eternal Sun 1 and 2
Intiates report for duty

Eternal Sun 1st, I arrived this afternoon in Kator as I was ordered, along with sizeable group of new initiates. We have an interesting group among us here, a small dregordian who claims to be a sword master, though he didn’t carry a weapon with him until he was issued one this evening. A very attractive korindian woman who seems to be quite aggressive. An old man that seems somewhat perverted, but is quite agreeable to Venom. A little goblin sorcerer that seems quite afraid of little Venom. A brinchie Bard, not sure what he’s good at yet, besides playing his lute, plus a merchant of some kind. Our captain is a unique man to say the least, but the headquarters is certainly lacking in supplies, I hope we get more in soon, we may need them. The brinchie, goblin, and korindian decided to head to the bar for the evening, I hope they don’t get themselves into trouble.
Eternal Sun 2nd, It seems that the brinchie and the goblin had a long night last night, the cat was hardly conscious at wake up call, and the goblin would not wake at all until I used my succor on him. It appears the korindian has gone missing already, the Captain doesn’t seem happy about that. We’ve been given our first assignment as well, we are to find and take down the Mas Torkash Dominion, some sort of Goblinesh bandit group it seems.

Secret Treasure
Esph 2nd Eternal Sun

Being a ranger is going to be great… on my first day I discovered a secret treasure, a book on sword forms that I had never encountered before. From the illustrations, I assume it is a very formidible style.. I stayed up near the whole night trying to decipher the sacred writings that go with the pictures… With this I may know more sword forms than any other sword master in all of the realms.

First assignment of Geil
Finally I am a ranger! 1-2 Eternal Sun

I met the Captain of the headquarters along with the rest of the wonderful rangers that are assigned with me here. There is the lovely lady that likely saved me from having my face broken by an orc after an entertaining evening of listening to Bremner and a magic act like I have never seen before that I enjoyed as the pretty barmaid was up there with Jig the great.
I didn’t sleep as well as I could have as the boar snores more than me.
However I really enjoyed having the snake snuggle up to me and making me sleep better.than I might have slept otherwise, As the snake seemed to make me feel like I was sleeping on a boat to an extent.

Test or Games
Field Report by Brother Orri. "As deciphered by Brother Featherpen"

Personal note: In my studies of Brother Orri, his success and failures, with the unique challenges he faced, balancing his duties to the Black lanterns, the four paths and the Law of Kor. I continue to be amazed by his penmanship, that are remarkable precise and readable, considering his blindness.

Field report by Brother Orri
- 6th day, Dancing cloud. 3125.
- Deciphered, Assessed and filed the 21th day of Dancing cloud 3125, by Brother Redink, archivist of the Scriptorium.
- Deciphered and researched by Scribe and Researcher of the Scriptorium 17th day of Falling Ice 3157

“Was it a test or a game.” On the 5th day of Dancing cloud 3125, I was travelling towards Kator, for my first field assignment as a brother. Been a Rim Agent for years under the tutelage of Brother Angelika, and even been tutored further by various brothers after my inception.
I did not know what was awaiting me, in the form of allies and the mission proper, as that wouldn’t be revealed before I arrived to the meeting place in Kator.

This was just the beginning of the report, if you need to read the rest, you need to request full access, from the headmaster of the Archivist or higher authority of the Black Lantern hierarchy.

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