Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

We losht an Eldakar

Shum alchemist had sold some kind of sun block poshuns to someone. I think it was probably the vampire…. The druid says he can make my bow magic to shoot it now. We went out into the wilderness to track down the bandits and I spotted some probable bipeds that matched the description. Some big Goblin that we decided not to follow in the dark. We sought him out in the morning, but got spotted as we tried to bypass some pit traps. The Eldakar female charged ahead again and got captured by some Mak Torkush slave guy. She was a weird one, not sure how mush she’ll be worth…..

On a good note, we saved some slaves. Guess we’re big god damned heroes….

6-7th day of Eternal Sun 3126. After action report by Mr. Shonin.

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Official after action report by ranger trainee Abraham Shonin.
6-7th day of Eternal Sun 3126.

Rangers on duty was:
Me – Abraham Shonin. (Human)
Bremner. (Brinchie)
Geil. (Human)
Katyr. (M’adukar)
Jig. (Goblin)
Esph. (Dregordian)
Aliana. (Korindian)

Out of Action:(Injuries or other assignment)
Ariel. (Eldakar)

Following us were Lieutenant Brewhug.

Sitting here on a rock early afternoon of the 7th day of Eternal Sun 3126, I write this report with a heavy heart. Reporting that Ranger trainee Aliana is missing in action.
Abducted by a goblin agent, quite posssible the leader of the Mak Tokarsh Dominion bandit group. Whose magical abilities took our entire band by surprise. And make it hard for us to track him down.

We did make good headway in our investigation both of the bandits and the vampire on the day of 6th eternal sun. You can read the other rangers reports on there findings.
I spent a little time, contacting the Ketchum Family, and they seemed interested in selling there store to me. So I just need to negotiate a price and a deal with Lord Gorharsis, in the next few days.

For investigation I visited the local Alchemist of Zalavius Emperium. As reports by my fellow rangers indicated, that the vampire had used alcemical potions, to escape.
Zalavius memory not the greatest, but he did write extensive and precise ledgers, and my findings are that he have sold 2 weeks worth of Ointment of Sun Burn. That according to Zalavius is a very effective protection from the sun. Bought by apparently a Elvish woman that is strong looking. I doubt that we are talking about Ariel, since it seems she is new to the town.

More interestingly Zalavius makes and sells a gel, that can polymorph people. He have sold 10 uses, different buyers, so Zalavius can not name or describe them in great detail. Some were short haired others looked like farmers. So there is the possibility that various people, can infiltrate areas of importance in the town, and noone would be suspicious about it.
So how these clues fit together with everything else, I can not quite wrap my head around yet, if it is even connected. But then there might be other problems the town is contending with, which we must uncover and handle.

There were no sign that potions of flight had been sold from Zalavius, so it doesn’t seem the vampire have been in the shop personally. Also found out, that Zalavius is a reasonable man to trade with, and bought a healing salve and a Curative potion, almost for the price of one.

Around high noon, we gathered and prepared to move north, to find and scout out the Mak Tokarsh camp. To see if we could find any sign of the abducted women. And get a more precise number on the bandits. Travelling north went rather uneventful, camping in the outskirts of a forest to the north of Kator for the night. We was woken during the night by Bremner, that discovered a large goblin scouting us out. Because of the Darkness I could not spot anything, and apparently the goblin disappeared into the night. We decided not to pursue, since none of us have the necessary skills to hunt and chase during the night. And a little wish that the goblin wasn’t a member of the bandits, a wish that was not met.

We woke early morning the 7th, and went in search of the bandit camp. We found it after a few hours of foot travel. We came to a area where a large tent was erected, with a number of smaller tents surrounding it. The area around the camp was filled with pit traps. Thankfully they were not well hidden, and we could all notice there position. But it was not enough to approach the camp unseen. As a large goblin spotted us, I have been told it was the same that spotted us the night before. A small goblin dressed much like Jig the great in purple clothes and leathers, ordered the camps orcs to battle. They were all equipped with large oversized crossbows, I am still amazed by the strength of those brutes. But they were slow firing, and Aliana, Esph, Bremner, Jig and Katyr and his animals, quickly dispatched a good number of the orcs, the large goblin taking a little more effort. The purple goblin kept himself hidden behind the large tent, And I could not lure him out, my taunts and jibes, only managing to rattle and shake the orcs and the large goblin.

During the final moments of the fight, Aliana charged the goblin. Not that I saw what was actually happening, I can understand on the others, that the goblin used magic both sorcery and alchemy to subdue Aliana, shackle her, make them both ethereal and then teleport away. As we tried to rescue Aliana from her predicament.
I do not believe that Aliana is in direct danger of death, as from some of the things I did get the goblin to shout. She was quite the exotic catch for the slave markets.
He did say that if we were to save her, we should meet him in Camden. I do not know if this is a ruse or if that was the truth, from the tongue of a overconfident slave trader.

There was some of the abducted women in the camp, and we have been able to save them from that fate. But they have all not been treated well, it seems they have been both beaten and raped, by the Mak Tokarsh Dominion. And I believe now that they should all be treated with the same non existing respect, that they have shown these women. And that they should be treated to the fullest extent of the law, that we can provide as rangers.

Our investiagtion of the camp and our confiscation of Mak Tokarsh equipment, will be listed and reported in my next report, as I have some trouble to concentrate on that part of our mission, with all that have happened.

“Im to old for this shit.”

Signed 7th day of Eternal Sun
Ranger Trainee A. Shonin.

Katyr’s Log of Eternal Sun 6th-8th
The Mak Torkash Dominion takes a prisoner

Eternal Sun 6th: I awoke late this morning, the rest of the squad was already gone so I took the time to do some research on where we might find more healing herbs, finding that there may be a source for me to harvest from near the Howling River. The captain did not greatly receive my efforts, but realizing the need for more medical supplies, I was not reprimanded heavily for it either, my skills being better suited to such studies rather than investigating civilians that likely know very little about the group we are seeking.

It seems the rest of the group was reasonably successful without me having found a possible location for us to search for the Mak Torkash Dominion. We gathered our equipment, and the squad marched out to investigate the area.

Eternal sun 8th: Yesterday was a quiet day of traveling, nothing to reported for it. After traveling through the morning, we’ve come upon a field littered with pit fall traps. After slowly advancing through the traps, we’ve found ourselves looking upon the camp of the Mak Torkash Dominion. After a short time spent scouting we were forced to engage the enemy. The battle was fast paced, the Goblinesh taken down quickly. However, Aliana charged ahead attacking a Goblin that seemed to be the leader. As the battle died down this Goblin captured her and teleported away with her.

Bremner: Shopping trip to the dwarf's place
White silver arrow heads

Not much to be told this time, I woke with a headache after a fitful night filled with bad dreams. I accompanied Mr. Shonin and others to the Dwarf’s weapon shop and he agreed to provide me with 4 white silver 1/2 weight arrows. I think this means they have greater range though I’m not sure. I also purchased an Ironwood bow that can be used as a melee weapon and has good range. I REALLY want one of those Elf bows as i hear they hit quite hard.

Mr Shonin tells us we can easily handle the bandit problem with a few guards and a direct frontal assault. I’m not sure that’s a good idea, but I’ll leave that in the Captain’s hands. So far this has been fun, but really hasn’t given me any truly heroic stories to turn into song. Also it’s a bit lonely being the only Brinche in the immediate area…..

I’m sure things will pick up once the captain tells us how we are to proceed against the bandits. 100 seems like a lot for our small band to handle…..

4th and 5th day of Eternal Sun. Situation report by Mr. Shonin.
Update, interogation and business opportunities.

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Situation report by ranger trainee Abraham Shonin.
4th and 5th day of Eternal Sun 3126.

So these last two days have been largely uneventful. As a group we still have much to learn, when it comes to investigations and working together. But at least we get along reasonable well. Despite our differences and inabilities.

I am aware of our mission, still dealing with the bandit threat. Thou if one were to listen to Jig, he sounds like capturing Sargunn was all it took, to defeat them. But I am very aware of it isn’t so.
And then the vampire. I do not know much about them, only that every story involving a vampire, also involves great experienced heroes. And we are not there yet.

So I have spent these last two days, making sure our group is better equipped, for our situation. I have with the help of Geil and Bremners resources, ordered 4 white sky silver arrows, to equip Bremner with. So we actually have something that can hurt the vampire. And helped Aliana get equipped with Ironwood Bracers, so she have better defenses.
And I can understand Esph is finally seeking actual training in the arts of the sword, that he have been obsessing over for so many years.

I don’t have much on the investigation into the vampire, that have been mostly dealt with by some of the other in the group. Jig, Bremner and Geil making contacts around the town. I have heard rumors, they defused a tense situation of a mob gathering outside the gather. But haven’t had time yet, to talk to them about what there findings have been.

But I have had time to interrogate Sargunn. Quite a unpleasant character. But as I had hoped, his anger and hatred for me, made him spill the beans. I am amazed how easy it is to get under his skin.
But the bandits, that are right now mostly a major annoyance, does have the numbers to seem like a threat.
At least a 100 members, mostly humans but the leaders seems to be goblinesh.
He tried to get under my skin, by indicating that horrible things are happening to the women. But he didn’t get into details.
So can’t say if they are sexually abused, beaten, tortured or meant to be used for even worse things. Or if he was lying, and they are there to be used as, or maybe sold as slaves.
He also cooperated enough to give us a location, I think he believes we would move out with the guards of the town, to fight these bandits. And we will not have the numbers and abilities to handle the bandits.

He seemed rather certain, of the Mak Torkash dominion supremacy. I can not say that they are not strong, since I have not met them in force yet. And they might get more followers, if there success continues.

So I can not say how dangerous the vampire is, but so far all he have done is murder a few people. Murdered horrible yes, and with much attention drawn, because of the macabre situation of the bodies.
But the bandits threaten the security of the entire region, with many lives at stake. And a winter where it will be even harder to hunt them down, if they start to raid the surrounding villages, farmsteads and communities for food, recruits and slaves. And they can very well get into spring being stronger, than they are now.

I do not believe Sargunn, when he expresses that we can not handle the bandits in a direct assault. I am not a combat commander, but Sargunn and 8-9 bandits was very easily handled by us. I mean Sargunn was taken down, by his rage, some grass and a single punch to the guts. He does claim, that he is far from the most powerful of the goblinesh in the tribe. But i am sure we rangers and the guards can handle a bit of sweat on our brow, if that is what it takes. I mean Ariel, one of our most accomplished fighters, was beaten by a ordinary town guard. So they should be able to handle it quite well, even if we would be outnumbered by five to one.

But if there number is about 100 members, they might seem like a group of power and position to others. And that can attract even greater numbers to there cause. So I do believe we need to deal with them quickly, show them how weak they were.

But Sargunn might be lying on location and numbers, so I do believe we should scout out the bandit camp, to verify there position and numbers. Maybe try and rescue the women, so they can get home to there families. I don’t know Ranger policy on the subject. But we could offer up Sargunn in exchange for the women. If Sargunn is to be believed, the bandits seems to value him somewhat, and we have established, he is not a great threat.

But I leave that decision in your capable hands Captain.

Otherwise I have begun to look into the possibility to take over the shop of Mr. Ketchum the cobbler. The latest murder victim by the vampire. I will approach the family, to look into the options, thou I hope the man had an apprentice, that can take over the actual production of goods. And maybe hire someone to man the shop. I believe that having a presence on the market square, might make people trust us more. And if the man I hire will be any good, will catch rumors, gossip and knowledge, that can be great for our endeavours as rangers.
Still have to look into various details, like how much taxes, Lord Gorharsis demands for having a shop and a stall.

Signed 5th day of Eternal Sun.

Mr. A. Shonin.

(As a side note, Mr. Shonin rolled a double 1 on his knowledge battle roll, when he assessed the threat of the bandits.)

Shot through the HEART and I'm to Blame!
WTF is a vampire?

For shum reason our lil group was tasked to inveshtigate some really odd murders. I’m reshinably shurtain that some of us managed to act professionally and ask some nice questions and learn some things. I think I recognized some historical things that may have been related to what was going on. I was sure that the murderer would have went to the bar to hide in plain sight! It seemed reasonable enough to Jig as well and the small but entertaining Goblin came with me. Some of the others thought it was a bad idea and went wandering around, I’m not sure exactly where. All I do know is that there was some hullaballoo outside. Jig suggested we stay in the bar which sounded GREAT to me, though I did notice the Goblin was a little yellower than usual in coloration…… Eventually I staggered outside to relieve myself and some odd creature attacking someone I thought I recongnized, though they may have been having sex, I’m not really sure as he was sucking on her neck…. well fighting was happening so I figured I’d risk a pot shot at the pale creature. I’m pretty sure I should have killed that man dead! I mean I hit him in the heart. I picked the middle of the 3 things like I’d been taught, not the left or the right ones, those are almosht always the wrong ones to hit (except when they’re the correct ones). Obviously I was drunker than usual because though I think I stunned it, it plucked out the damned arrow! It got driven off by guards with white silver and some people said it was a vampire. I hope I don’t meet that thing again without some white silver of my own……

3rd day to 4th night of eternal sun 3126 Mr. Shonin after action report.
Vampire in Kator.

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Official after action report by ranger trainee Abraham Shonin.
4th day of Eternal Sun 3126.

Rangers on duty was:
Me – Abraham Shonin. (Human)
Bremner. (Brinchie)
Geil. (Human)
Katyr. (M’adukar)
Jig. (Goblin)
Esph. (Dregordian)
Aliana. (Korindian)
Ariel. (Eldakar)

2nd day of Eternal Sun 3126, we returned around midday with our raider captive the Orc Sargunn. He was turned over to the guards of Kator, to be placed in their prison. I hope to get a chance to interrogate him later. See after action report 2nd day eternal sun 3126, for details on this encounter.

We had also taken the bodies of the two murdered farmers with us, there bodies placed in the chapel of the local shrine to archanon. They were identified as Francis Unger and Kenneth Birch.
There families will be informed by the guards, and their wagon with jerky returned. So the families can decide what to do with it.

We were also introduced to Ranger Lieutenant Bjorn Brewhug, identified as lieutenant by his gold signet ring. A elderly, but clearly experienced dwarf ranger.
He questioned us all, I assume he was assessing us, as the recruits we still are.

We were then asked to show him around town, we wen’t through the markets. He showed some interest in one of the traders, a Brinchie named Grey Coins. Who apparently was once named Mucho Panda.
He sold enchanted animals, I am unsure what magics are used for this. He talked something about being a artificer. Using blood and meat to enchance the animals.
Jig bought one of the Rabbits, unsure what enhancement it should have. I helped him to get the Rabbit for only 1 gold instead of 2, which was the asking price of Grey Coins.

Then Lieutenant Brewhug, visited a friend of his. Matthias Mullertain of the Mountain Forge. He had some very interesting merchandise, thou some of the items, was not something I had ever seen.
And several pieces of weapons in White silver, everything beyond my ability to afford.
Then the group more or less split up.

Early 3rd day of Eternal Sun 3126, we were called to a grizzly murder scene. One of the local merchants, a cobbler I believe was found on the streets of Kator.
His head had been separated from his body, apparently by fingers and arms alone. No weapons involved only strength.
He was identified, by some of those that had patrolled the city, early 2nd eternal sun. They could see his shoes had been stolen. White shoes with silver inlays.
His coin purse was full, which indicates greed wasn’t a motivating factor. The man’s legs were also broken, the reason either a fall or more of the extreme violence, shown by the decapitation.
There was tracks across the roofs, of nearby houses, but they disappeared. Unclear, if the target could fly, jump far or made sure he covered his tracks on the ground.

Investigations around the town, questioning of people living in the houses, that was next to the murder scene, wasn’t fruitful. So we decided to patrol the town, some alone to act as bait. Like Aliana and Geil.
Jig and Bremner would stay close to the inn and market area. The lower district housing area would be patrolled by Aliana, Ariel and Geil. Esph and I would stand guard by our Ranger outpost. The distance in the town, would ensure that we could all get to each other quickly, in case of troubles.

For me the Night went rather uneventful. But as we await news from Katyr, as he works hard on Aliana, to bring her back to life. I can understand Aliana came upon a figure, jumping across the roofs. Apparently a Korindian, Aliana decided to wrestle and arrest the character herself. But apparently it was a vampire, that after having played with Aliana for a bit, incapacitated her and started to suck her blood. Sent on the retreat, by Bremner and then Lieutenant Brewhug with guards, that had white silver ammunition for his crossbow.

I do not like the fact there is such powerful agents of evil in Kator, I do not believe we are yet ready for such challenges. We do not have the skill, training, experience and equipment for such enemies.

4th Day of Eternal Sun. 3126

Mr. A. Shonin.

Official after action report by ranger Trainee A. Shonin.
Road trouble.

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Official after action report by ranger trainee Abraham Shonin.
2nd day of Eternal Sun 3126.

On this day, the first in my capacity as rangers to Kator, I and the other rangers were given general orders to patrol the streets of Kator, for ordinary crime. And more importantly, look into the bandit raids, that had plagued the countryside. Bandits that have named themselves the Mak Torkash Dominion.

The rangers on duty was:
Me – Abraham Shonin. (Human)
Bremner. (Brinchie)
Geil. (Human)
Katyr. (M’adukar)
Jig. (Goblin)
Esph. (Dregordian)
Aliana. (Korindian)

And arriving this days morning, Ariel. A rather plain looking Eldakar, who seems to prefer a large battle axe for combat and harsh words.

The others split up in two groups, patrolling the streets and establishments of the town. Gathering intelligence on the raids to the north.
I decided to meet one of the towns trifecta, to see how those in power, looked at the troubles. I was led in to meet Harold Freeholden, the proprietor and owner of most of the surrounding farmland.

Mr. Freeholden was not happy with the situation, but he could not spare men from the town guard, to handle these raids. Their duty to keep the town safe, which isn’t going to well. As at least 5 women have been abducted over recent weeks, allegedly by the bandits.
Reason isn’t clear, but theories goes to slavery, use for local morale or actually to help them build up there numbers. I do believe we need to look into this, to make it clear the reason, and we can save the women, from a life of danger and servitude.

What he knew about these raiders, was that they mostly raid to the north of town, and up towards the Olaran border. Base of operation is unknown, unknown if they move out from this side or the other side of Olara. But the group consist mostly of humans, but is generally led by goblinesh.
If they are actually connected to the Malakar dominion, is of yet still unknown.
The other rangers had found similar information, about the raids mostly being to the north.

So we regrouped, preparing to do a patrol to the north, visit some of the farmsteads that had been raided. Some of us on horse and pony, some was on foot, either not been issued with a horse or preferring to walk.
We hadn’t moved many hours along the northern road, before we came across a cart, transporting beef jerky towards Kator. It didn’t seem suspicious, and we let them pass. But this showed heavily our inexperience, in these matters. We moved further north, and we hadn’t moved many miles before we found the mangled bodies of two farmers. Katyr, recognized the death, caused by a massive maul or club. And those with sharp eyes and ears, could spot tracks, that indicated that these men, had driven the wagon we met earlier, before they were killed.
Why they had not moved the bodies away from view of the road, I can not understand. But it was our luck, since it meant we could turn around and pursue the wagon.

Here our small obese dregordian Esph surprised us all, as he sped after the wagon on foot right away with Bremner a Brinchie. The rest of us, gathering two and two on the horses. Our horses had some problems, not used to be ridden by two people, and doing it at speed. As we caught up with Bremner and Esph, we saw that Esph had surged forward, dispatching with deadly force the driver of the wagon. Effectively stopping the wagon.

That forced the occupants of the wagon, to exit. There was eight men, armed with bows, led by a mean looking Orc. I recognized the creature, even from 150 feet distance to be Sargunn, from a bounty poster there is on his name. Dead or Alive, he is worth 10 gold. There was one man, who had locked himself up in the wagon, who blew a horn, to call for reinforcement.
They all surrounded Esph and I was worried for his safety, even thou he is a though Dregordian, his fighting prowess was still to be proven.

So using my sharp tongue, I made Sargunn go into a frenzy rage, pointing out his lack of leadership and ability, when he can not outpace and prevent someone like Esph, stopping his wagon.
Which meant he went straight for me, instead of fighting those threatening him along the way. And he was attacked by my fellow rangers, as he moved up to me. As he got close I was worried, but as expected, he was tired and he had hardly any swing left in his arms, to swing the massive maul he used for combat. And with cooperation Jig our goblin sorcerer entangled the massive orc in the grasses and Aliana subdued and knocked Sargunn unconscious. So we could tie him up, for transport back to the city.

The other bandits suffered the fate of death, as far as I could gather from what Esph and Aliana said and what I could see had happened to the bodies. They had both went into something close to beserk rage and punched, clawed and bitten most of them to death. Only using there weapons on a few of the bandits.

The enemy hornblower had also called for reinforcement, that arrived and shot a few arrows after us. But I was able to negotiate a truce with them, we wouldn’t chase them right away, in exchange for not hurting Sargunn right away. Which to me indicates, he have some worth to the group. I fear they could have caused significant casualties, as none of us, spotted them among the tall grasses, while they were shooting at us.

As we returned to the city, with the wagon of beef jerky, an arrested Sargunn and the bodies of the two farmers. There was a altercation between Aliana and Son of Harold Freeholden, Vahn Freeholden. One of the city guards. Which ended in a duel to first blood between the two, which was a duel that hurt Aliana quite a lot. I fear without Katyr, it could have been much worse. I hope Vahn Freeholden, consider his honor restored. As I fear it is a situation, that could worsen. Aliana didn’t quite seem like a warrior who conceded to the defeat.

As we entered the town of Kator proper. Jig jumped up on top of the Wagon, and proclamated loud and clear our great deed, capturing and killing the bandits. Acting like our job is done. That all the bandits is taken care of, and the town is safe. But apparently it seems, that most of the town does believe it. Maybe it was just something they needed to hear, no matter who was the bearer of such news. But Jig does love the attention he receives, for the deed.

But as I see it, our job is far from done. I believe we need to interogate Sargunn, about the Mak Torkash Dominion and there business with Kator. If and where the abducted women might be, so we can rescue them. We still do not know where the bandits base of operations is, and who is there true leader.

We need to identify the bodies of the farmers, so we can inform there families of the tragedy. And return the beef jerky to the family, so they can decide what to do with it, so they can survive through the winter.

2nd Day of Eternal Sun. 3126

Mr. A. Shonin.

Jig the Great!
Eternal SUn 2

The ranger leader actually expects us to patrol and stop bandits! Unfortunately the whole party obeyed leaving me no choice but to follow. I went along with Bremner, the party’s other bard, and a few others to the tavern to get more information on the bandits. Of course the destination was suggested by Bremner, who I suspect may be overly fond of liquor. The bartender was not happy to see us again after last night’s fight & destruction. While Bremner flirted with her and got a drink, I approached a farmer to ask a few questions.

The farmer was outright hostile. Apparently the bandits are goblinesh , so I started out at a disadvantage. I really had to be at my most charming to get anything out of the farmer. His farm is north of town where the bandits have been a serious problem.

We met up with the other rangers and got mounts to investigate northward. We passed a wagon heading south, toward town, that was carrying some yummy smelling beef jerky. A bit later we found bloody bodies in the road. We raced back towards the wagon, but I slipped off my pony and fell behind. It didn’t look like I could catch up without unnecessary exposure, so I took a strategic position in the grass and crept up just close enough to be useful while remaining hidden. No need to risk my neck when all these big fighters wanted to run into combat.

The leader was a huge, ugly orc with burn scars. When I had a good vantage, I summoned my mightiest bolt to strike down the orc, but somehow he shrugged it off. This guy was tough! Mr. Shonin was shouting insults at him and he came toward the group intent on killing him. I embraced the mystical energies and set the grasses to entangle the orc and stop him before he could hurt anyone. The grass seemed secure, but he somehow managed to pull free.

That was enough for me. How dare he resist the will of Jig the Great!? Again the grasses heeded my call and this time the orc was held fast. For some reason Aliana kept attacking the orc I had so heroically subdued. My ranger friends cleaned up the rest of the bandits. We tied up the orc and I cantripped the bonds to look even more impressive. Presentation is important!

We headed back to town and had a delay at the gate where Ariel dueled with a guard. The women in this group are tough, but bloodthirsty! They may get me into more trouble than they get me out of!

Once we were in town, I proclaimed our victory with the appropriate pomp and circumstance. Presentation, you know? I made sure to include my pivotal role in capturing the leader and now the townfolk treat me as a hero! The saga of Jig and the orc is a deservedly popular tale.

Bremner: Eternal Sun 2, First mission
Back to the bar

We were given our firsht mishion, to destroy some bandits that had been rpaying about the outshirts of town. We decided to split up and find out what we could from the local populace. I volunteered to take some peeoples back to the bar and see what we could find out there. After someliberal consumpshion of the local ale we did manage to find out that a particular farmer to North had been hit harder than others.

After we rejoined our companions we set out North to try and track the bandits. Along the way we met a food cart that truly did not look all that interesting. Riding a bit further we found 2 dead bodies lying in the grass. they were obviously wagon drivers. Putting 2 and 2 together we arrived at the conclusion that the wagon had been stolen. riding hard back to the wagon, to our surprise Esph rushed ahead to put his book learned talents to the test. He passed by killing one of the guards.

I admit I was fairly useles in the fight, my arrows bouncing off of the thick skin of the Orc Sigrun. Ah well, there will be later times to prove myself. For nowsh, we shall hit the local bar and enjoy ourselves upon the reward for the foul Orc murderer.


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