Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

Bremner: Going out in a BLAZE fo glory!

An end to the Druid who was not THAT type of druid....

Whelsh I can’t reallly remember a lot of the events that led up to Ranger Katy’rs flamingsh demise… I know we were to set out to inveshtigate a ruins that seemed to be the cause of a lot of the local concerns. Bandits and undeads and shtuff. Mainly undead I think cause my compatriotsh were out looking for blunt weapons and everwood and white shilver. We traveled a full day and set up camp. OH! Ranger Katyr made another new friend, a very well trained mule named Theo that was hitche dto a broken wagon. Katyr said something about the mule being “lifetouched” whatever that means…. The evening passed uneventfully and the next day we were at the crypt. Katyr took an instant dislike to the cavern/tunnel. It turns out he was something of a prophet….

We had only evetered a small way after lighting torches to illuminate our path. We found a room with strange eyes that Jig said were magical. Someone said that some flaming rats wre coming! I forget who. We were sure we wre in a defensible enough place to take them on. My arrows caused little effect untill I remembered that I could c roruch low and skewer many of them at once. that seemed to work well, though I suspect it will only work the one time. Katy’rs snake and pig both got roasted. I admit to having bad thoughts about bacon after smelling slim catch fire… It was venom who took the worst of it for a time, passing out in the flames.Shomeone, at great risk to himself tossed Venom out of the fire and we wree just on the point of driving the swarms off. Woe to us, that Katyr fell under the final surge of flaming rats. though his woulds did not seem that great he was not to rise again. I suspect it was his heart…….

We will take his body back for proper burial and I shall compose a song in his honor. he was a great friend, a noble ally, and shared my dislike of forests (though that does seem rather odd in a druid)


Ruben_Rivera faradhii

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