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Bremner: How in the name of the Great Panther did I end up Here??

Well, it appears I’m now a recruit in the fabled Greyson’s Grey Rangers. There truly isn’t much to tell so far. The training was abysmal, in fact I don’t believe we have actually had ANY training…. Well, as a Bard I shall endeavor to do some record keeping. First myself, I fancy myself a reasonable fighter and an excellent hand with a bow, but my true talents are with the lute. This has generally caused me to be a “problem” with most of my Brinche kin as musical talent is NOT exactly a typical chosen profession. Then we have Jig the “Great” a rather amusing Goblin who seems to possess a typical sorceror’s power in addition to slight of hand and a rather amusing sense of humor. I feel we shall get along splendidly. Next we have an elderly human named Geil…. to be sure I have NO idea why he is here and not living in some nursing home pinching nurses bottoms. He seems harmless enough, but I tend to doubt his effectiveness in any combat…. Perhaps he has knowledges that may be of use? We shall see…. then there is Esph, a short, fat Dregordian. I had always thought the Dregordians to be a warrior race or at least some kind of aesthetic monk race. The Dregordian flies in the face of that belief. He has a large knowledge of the THEORY of combat but no practical talent whatsoever…… I got along well with Mr. Shonin, a human from Seren with a bent for trading and marketing. I look forward to visiting his town to see if his claims of Dwarven ale are correct. Lastly a 1/2 elven druid. He seems to be competent and I look forward to working with him. Our first outing at a local watering hole went well. My performance was acceptable and Jig’s “magic” was well received. I have reservations about our new commander. He seems a hard sort and I think some of our group may experience his wrath…..


Probably put the date in the future. Benny + 1xp


You can edit it with the date, I NEVER remember what fake date it is!! :)

Ruben_Rivera faradhii

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