Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

To what ever poor soul, that have the job to file the useless ranger reports.

Period some 3 weeks, up to 10th day of Forest dance.

So what have happened these last three weeks, that is so important.
We found those blade mercs we sought, they were captured by maelstrom mercs. All of which was capable fighters.
So I ended up seriously injured once again. Only alive because Jig and Bremner are quite capable fighters themselves.
Guess I understand them a little more, guess booze and acting cowardly, is the way they manage all the death they inflict.

We had one maelstrom alive, I spent time questioning him. He was not to much help, I paid him with the special coin. To tell us the boss had a special note. Which had a code on it, which we did not understand.
A few days after, Ariel recovered the coin again, from the scene of the murdered merc in the city. Since apparently she seeks death, and if the assassins comes to her, then she don’t need to look for them.

Since we could not read the note, Brewhug, wants us to go back to Kator, so the captain can have a look at it. And as expected we get ambushed.
And as expected I am useless, just getting hit and hit and hurt. But again another ranger dies(Esph), because I am a useless piece of meat. That apparently is cursed with life, when all I deserve is death.

I really don’t get what we are doing, and why it is important. It seems the powers(are they evil I don’t even know that) have free reign as is, and we are in no way there to protect, handle or stop it.
I am sure the Captain and Brewhug, will be much better at this alone, than have us fumbling fools of braindead matter, shackling them down.

10th Forest Dance
The dying or dead Leon Kaupmann.


Ruben_Rivera Anilar

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