Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

Katyr's Log Eternal Sun 1 and 2

Intiates report for duty

Eternal Sun 1st, I arrived this afternoon in Kator as I was ordered, along with sizeable group of new initiates. We have an interesting group among us here, a small dregordian who claims to be a sword master, though he didn’t carry a weapon with him until he was issued one this evening. A very attractive korindian woman who seems to be quite aggressive. An old man that seems somewhat perverted, but is quite agreeable to Venom. A little goblin sorcerer that seems quite afraid of little Venom. A brinchie Bard, not sure what he’s good at yet, besides playing his lute, plus a merchant of some kind. Our captain is a unique man to say the least, but the headquarters is certainly lacking in supplies, I hope we get more in soon, we may need them. The brinchie, goblin, and korindian decided to head to the bar for the evening, I hope they don’t get themselves into trouble.
Eternal Sun 2nd, It seems that the brinchie and the goblin had a long night last night, the cat was hardly conscious at wake up call, and the goblin would not wake at all until I used my succor on him. It appears the korindian has gone missing already, the Captain doesn’t seem happy about that. We’ve been given our first assignment as well, we are to find and take down the Mas Torkash Dominion, some sort of Goblinesh bandit group it seems.


In addition to the 1xp, bonus starting benny for next game.

Katyr's Log Eternal Sun 1 and 2
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