Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

Katyr's Log Eternal Sun 2 Midday and Evening.

When Bandits attack.

2nd Eternal Sun
We spent this morning after our briefing investigating around town for whatever information we could gather. After learning what we could in town we decided to travel out of town in the direction we had learned tended to be hit most. After a while of traveling we crossed paths with a food cart that I felt looked rather suspicious, but since the rest of the group didn’t seem to mind them, I let them be. A short time later we arrived upon two dead bodies whom I determined to be the actual drivers of the food cart. We traveled quickly to catch up with the food cart as it attempted to evade us. Esph, despite all beliefs has surprised all of us by charging ahead, he cut down the driver of the wagon with a single blow and took managed to stop the wagon from retreating from us.

The battle did not last long after it began. Sargunn was quickly sent into a rage by Mr. Shonin’s insults, and then just as quickly subdued by Aliana’s fists and Jig’s magic. His companions were even easier subdued, none surviving the battle that ensued except Sargunn whom we have knocked unconscious. Upon arriving at the gate to Kator, an arrogant guard stopped us and challenged Ariel to a duel. A duel which was supposed to end at first blood, but ended with the guard’s blade buried halfway in Ariel’s chest.


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