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Laying Katyr to Rest

We brought Katyr’s body back to the base and told the Captain about our battle and his death. Katyr was so right about not going into creepy places. This ranger business may be more dangerous than I first thought, but I think it’s too late to get out of it.

Many of the Rangers gathered to pay their respects and lay Katyr to rest. As part of the proceedings there were several contests amongst the Rangers in crafting, magic and various styles of fighting. Bremner won the archery contest and got a white silver great crossbow. I won 5 copper betting on him.

I entered the magic contest. My first opponent was an adept who made an illusion of himself fighting evil. I did a brief light show. cartoon-fireworks-hi.png

& sang the song of Jig with cantrip accompaniment. notes.jpg

My finale was tossing my hat in the air & casting shrink on myself so I seemed to disappear in a puff of smoke. Wizard-Hat-cartoon.jpg

I bested 3 more opponents using cantrip to cast a shadow over a light cantrip and entangle to enhance a stone singer’s sculpture. I won the whole contest and got a FABULOUS prize. A long leather coat, dyed in the color of my choice, that works as armor even better than the new stuff Mr. Shonin got me. On top of that, it gives me extra magical energy! They’re going to dye it bright purple and even add gold trim!!

In the unarmed combat, Geil fought Ariel. I bet on Geil and Bremner bet on Ariel. We started out betting a copper then upped it to a rendition of “I’m a Little Teapot” sung and danced by the loser. Geil was waiting for Ariel to go first. (Not really the time to be a gentleman.) Ariel came charging up to kick him in the groin. Geil acted quickly and hit her harder than I would have thought he could. She shook it off and attacked him. The fight got scary as Ariel went after Geil and nearly beat him to death. They were able to heal him, but it was close.

The final contest was the Grand Melee. Bremner won the prize, which was a white silver, two-handed Olaran sword engraved with his name.

After the contests was a eulogy and performances in honor of Katyr. Then his pyre was lit to send his spirit on.

Then something really weird happened. The three moons merged into one and turned red. red_moon.jpg

Out of nowhere came undead like we’d never seen………


Extra carry over benny and 1 xp

Laying Katyr to Rest
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