Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

Secret Treasure

Esph 2nd Eternal Sun

Being a ranger is going to be great… on my first day I discovered a secret treasure, a book on sword forms that I had never encountered before. From the illustrations, I assume it is a very formidible style.. I stayed up near the whole night trying to decipher the sacred writings that go with the pictures… With this I may know more sword forms than any other sword master in all of the realms.


Korindian Obsidian Form: Art of the Glass Warrior

A reference for myself with the feature of a Korindian warrior in their Shell armor they craft… wielding obsidian crafted blades; one a short sword, the other a parrying dagger of sorts.

May reward studying it in day in the life for something unusual.

Secret Treasure
Ruben_Rivera titanhoss

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