Shaintar J&L Legends Awakened of Kator

We losht an Eldakar

Shum alchemist had sold some kind of sun block poshuns to someone. I think it was probably the vampire…. The druid says he can make my bow magic to shoot it now. We went out into the wilderness to track down the bandits and I spotted some probable bipeds that matched the description. Some big Goblin that we decided not to follow in the dark. We sought him out in the morning, but got spotted as we tried to bypass some pit traps. The Eldakar female charged ahead again and got captured by some Mak Torkush slave guy. She was a weird one, not sure how mush she’ll be worth…..

On a good note, we saved some slaves. Guess we’re big god damned heroes….


Ruben_Rivera faradhii

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