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6-7th day of Eternal Sun 3126. After action report by Mr. Shonin.


To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Official after action report by ranger trainee Abraham Shonin.
6-7th day of Eternal Sun 3126.

Rangers on duty was:
Me – Abraham Shonin. (Human)
Bremner. (Brinchie)
Geil. (Human)
Katyr. (M’adukar)
Jig. (Goblin)
Esph. (Dregordian)
Aliana. (Korindian)

Out of Action:(Injuries or other assignment)
Ariel. (Eldakar)

Following us were Lieutenant Brewhug.

Sitting here on a rock early afternoon of the 7th day of Eternal Sun 3126, I write this report with a heavy heart. Reporting that Ranger trainee Aliana is missing in action.
Abducted by a goblin agent, quite posssible the leader of the Mak Tokarsh Dominion bandit group. Whose magical abilities took our entire band by surprise. And make it hard for us to track him down.

We did make good headway in our investigation both of the bandits and the vampire on the day of 6th eternal sun. You can read the other rangers reports on there findings.
I spent a little time, contacting the Ketchum Family, and they seemed interested in selling there store to me. So I just need to negotiate a price and a deal with Lord Gorharsis, in the next few days.

For investigation I visited the local Alchemist of Zalavius Emperium. As reports by my fellow rangers indicated, that the vampire had used alcemical potions, to escape.
Zalavius memory not the greatest, but he did write extensive and precise ledgers, and my findings are that he have sold 2 weeks worth of Ointment of Sun Burn. That according to Zalavius is a very effective protection from the sun. Bought by apparently a Elvish woman that is strong looking. I doubt that we are talking about Ariel, since it seems she is new to the town.

More interestingly Zalavius makes and sells a gel, that can polymorph people. He have sold 10 uses, different buyers, so Zalavius can not name or describe them in great detail. Some were short haired others looked like farmers. So there is the possibility that various people, can infiltrate areas of importance in the town, and noone would be suspicious about it.
So how these clues fit together with everything else, I can not quite wrap my head around yet, if it is even connected. But then there might be other problems the town is contending with, which we must uncover and handle.

There were no sign that potions of flight had been sold from Zalavius, so it doesn’t seem the vampire have been in the shop personally. Also found out, that Zalavius is a reasonable man to trade with, and bought a healing salve and a Curative potion, almost for the price of one.

Around high noon, we gathered and prepared to move north, to find and scout out the Mak Tokarsh camp. To see if we could find any sign of the abducted women. And get a more precise number on the bandits. Travelling north went rather uneventful, camping in the outskirts of a forest to the north of Kator for the night. We was woken during the night by Bremner, that discovered a large goblin scouting us out. Because of the Darkness I could not spot anything, and apparently the goblin disappeared into the night. We decided not to pursue, since none of us have the necessary skills to hunt and chase during the night. And a little wish that the goblin wasn’t a member of the bandits, a wish that was not met.

We woke early morning the 7th, and went in search of the bandit camp. We found it after a few hours of foot travel. We came to a area where a large tent was erected, with a number of smaller tents surrounding it. The area around the camp was filled with pit traps. Thankfully they were not well hidden, and we could all notice there position. But it was not enough to approach the camp unseen. As a large goblin spotted us, I have been told it was the same that spotted us the night before. A small goblin dressed much like Jig the great in purple clothes and leathers, ordered the camps orcs to battle. They were all equipped with large oversized crossbows, I am still amazed by the strength of those brutes. But they were slow firing, and Aliana, Esph, Bremner, Jig and Katyr and his animals, quickly dispatched a good number of the orcs, the large goblin taking a little more effort. The purple goblin kept himself hidden behind the large tent, And I could not lure him out, my taunts and jibes, only managing to rattle and shake the orcs and the large goblin.

During the final moments of the fight, Aliana charged the goblin. Not that I saw what was actually happening, I can understand on the others, that the goblin used magic both sorcery and alchemy to subdue Aliana, shackle her, make them both ethereal and then teleport away. As we tried to rescue Aliana from her predicament.
I do not believe that Aliana is in direct danger of death, as from some of the things I did get the goblin to shout. She was quite the exotic catch for the slave markets.
He did say that if we were to save her, we should meet him in Camden. I do not know if this is a ruse or if that was the truth, from the tongue of a overconfident slave trader.

There was some of the abducted women in the camp, and we have been able to save them from that fate. But they have all not been treated well, it seems they have been both beaten and raped, by the Mak Tokarsh Dominion. And I believe now that they should all be treated with the same non existing respect, that they have shown these women. And that they should be treated to the fullest extent of the law, that we can provide as rangers.

Our investiagtion of the camp and our confiscation of Mak Tokarsh equipment, will be listed and reported in my next report, as I have some trouble to concentrate on that part of our mission, with all that have happened.

“Im to old for this shit.”

Signed 7th day of Eternal Sun
Ranger Trainee A. Shonin.


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