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Official after action report by ranger Trainee A. Shonin.

Road trouble.

To Ranger Captain Aevarion Larth’thia of Kator.

Official after action report by ranger trainee Abraham Shonin.
2nd day of Eternal Sun 3126.

On this day, the first in my capacity as rangers to Kator, I and the other rangers were given general orders to patrol the streets of Kator, for ordinary crime. And more importantly, look into the bandit raids, that had plagued the countryside. Bandits that have named themselves the Mak Torkash Dominion.

The rangers on duty was:
Me – Abraham Shonin. (Human)
Bremner. (Brinchie)
Geil. (Human)
Katyr. (M’adukar)
Jig. (Goblin)
Esph. (Dregordian)
Aliana. (Korindian)

And arriving this days morning, Ariel. A rather plain looking Eldakar, who seems to prefer a large battle axe for combat and harsh words.

The others split up in two groups, patrolling the streets and establishments of the town. Gathering intelligence on the raids to the north.
I decided to meet one of the towns trifecta, to see how those in power, looked at the troubles. I was led in to meet Harold Freeholden, the proprietor and owner of most of the surrounding farmland.

Mr. Freeholden was not happy with the situation, but he could not spare men from the town guard, to handle these raids. Their duty to keep the town safe, which isn’t going to well. As at least 5 women have been abducted over recent weeks, allegedly by the bandits.
Reason isn’t clear, but theories goes to slavery, use for local morale or actually to help them build up there numbers. I do believe we need to look into this, to make it clear the reason, and we can save the women, from a life of danger and servitude.

What he knew about these raiders, was that they mostly raid to the north of town, and up towards the Olaran border. Base of operation is unknown, unknown if they move out from this side or the other side of Olara. But the group consist mostly of humans, but is generally led by goblinesh.
If they are actually connected to the Malakar dominion, is of yet still unknown.
The other rangers had found similar information, about the raids mostly being to the north.

So we regrouped, preparing to do a patrol to the north, visit some of the farmsteads that had been raided. Some of us on horse and pony, some was on foot, either not been issued with a horse or preferring to walk.
We hadn’t moved many hours along the northern road, before we came across a cart, transporting beef jerky towards Kator. It didn’t seem suspicious, and we let them pass. But this showed heavily our inexperience, in these matters. We moved further north, and we hadn’t moved many miles before we found the mangled bodies of two farmers. Katyr, recognized the death, caused by a massive maul or club. And those with sharp eyes and ears, could spot tracks, that indicated that these men, had driven the wagon we met earlier, before they were killed.
Why they had not moved the bodies away from view of the road, I can not understand. But it was our luck, since it meant we could turn around and pursue the wagon.

Here our small obese dregordian Esph surprised us all, as he sped after the wagon on foot right away with Bremner a Brinchie. The rest of us, gathering two and two on the horses. Our horses had some problems, not used to be ridden by two people, and doing it at speed. As we caught up with Bremner and Esph, we saw that Esph had surged forward, dispatching with deadly force the driver of the wagon. Effectively stopping the wagon.

That forced the occupants of the wagon, to exit. There was eight men, armed with bows, led by a mean looking Orc. I recognized the creature, even from 150 feet distance to be Sargunn, from a bounty poster there is on his name. Dead or Alive, he is worth 10 gold. There was one man, who had locked himself up in the wagon, who blew a horn, to call for reinforcement.
They all surrounded Esph and I was worried for his safety, even thou he is a though Dregordian, his fighting prowess was still to be proven.

So using my sharp tongue, I made Sargunn go into a frenzy rage, pointing out his lack of leadership and ability, when he can not outpace and prevent someone like Esph, stopping his wagon.
Which meant he went straight for me, instead of fighting those threatening him along the way. And he was attacked by my fellow rangers, as he moved up to me. As he got close I was worried, but as expected, he was tired and he had hardly any swing left in his arms, to swing the massive maul he used for combat. And with cooperation Jig our goblin sorcerer entangled the massive orc in the grasses and Aliana subdued and knocked Sargunn unconscious. So we could tie him up, for transport back to the city.

The other bandits suffered the fate of death, as far as I could gather from what Esph and Aliana said and what I could see had happened to the bodies. They had both went into something close to beserk rage and punched, clawed and bitten most of them to death. Only using there weapons on a few of the bandits.

The enemy hornblower had also called for reinforcement, that arrived and shot a few arrows after us. But I was able to negotiate a truce with them, we wouldn’t chase them right away, in exchange for not hurting Sargunn right away. Which to me indicates, he have some worth to the group. I fear they could have caused significant casualties, as none of us, spotted them among the tall grasses, while they were shooting at us.

As we returned to the city, with the wagon of beef jerky, an arrested Sargunn and the bodies of the two farmers. There was a altercation between Aliana and Son of Harold Freeholden, Vahn Freeholden. One of the city guards. Which ended in a duel to first blood between the two, which was a duel that hurt Aliana quite a lot. I fear without Katyr, it could have been much worse. I hope Vahn Freeholden, consider his honor restored. As I fear it is a situation, that could worsen. Aliana didn’t quite seem like a warrior who conceded to the defeat.

As we entered the town of Kator proper. Jig jumped up on top of the Wagon, and proclamated loud and clear our great deed, capturing and killing the bandits. Acting like our job is done. That all the bandits is taken care of, and the town is safe. But apparently it seems, that most of the town does believe it. Maybe it was just something they needed to hear, no matter who was the bearer of such news. But Jig does love the attention he receives, for the deed.

But as I see it, our job is far from done. I believe we need to interogate Sargunn, about the Mak Torkash Dominion and there business with Kator. If and where the abducted women might be, so we can rescue them. We still do not know where the bandits base of operations is, and who is there true leader.

We need to identify the bodies of the farmers, so we can inform there families of the tragedy. And return the beef jerky to the family, so they can decide what to do with it, so they can survive through the winter.

2nd Day of Eternal Sun. 3126

Mr. A. Shonin.


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